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Car, Cats, Cash, to Cozumel we go!

25 Oct

The time is nye.  Soon (November 6th) we will leave on the journey of a lifetime. This epic journey will be attempted with only our wits, our Volkswagen, and the back up of two highly trained guard cats.  As we descend into the abyss of the American continent who knows what great adventures will lay before us, and what strange sights we will behold? From the endless small towns and pick up trucks of central North America, to the endless shores and palm trees of the Yucatan Peninsula, the  7000 km of travel will cover a lot of different social real estate.  As we forge through the depths of  this hellish winter currently found in Alberta, we continue on with one hope.  The hope that soon we will not have to scrape a tiny bit of frost from our windshield in the morning, and long sleeve shirts and light coats will become a thing of the past.  The hope that one day soon we will be able to wake up, throw on a pair of shorts, and claim that we are both fully prepared for the day and at the same time be done all work for the day. You may call us dreamers, adventurers or just lazy, but the path is set and nothing will stop us now!  Take that fate!

Hasta Luego Canada!!

… T-minus 12 days and counting….