Made it!

7 Nov


Another 950 km down and 4500 km left to go.  We beat the storm and are bunking in for the night.  Todays drive through Wyoming and Colorado was amazing to say the least.  The scenery was awesome and the drive was a pleasure.   The speed limits are high (75-80mph), people know that slow drivers stay right, and there are even minimum speed limits of 55mph on interstates. Bill and Kitty are already used to long car rides and they love checking out our hotel rooms every night.  We made it out of all the mountains and badlands and now we have wide open Saskatchewan like prairies to traverse.   There are endless small towns that are either named after food, sexual acts, or people we know (see the picture below).  If we stopped at each these funny named towns to take a picture it would add hours to our trip.  We could also waste a lot of time playing “count the vehicles with gun racks” game.  Tonight we are staying at the best western in Stratton Colorado (only place with a normal name for miles).  It is one of the biggest hotel rooms I have ever stayed at and it was only $100 including pet fees and taxes.  Hopefully the plows make it out early so we can make some time.  We would like to drive into some higher temperatures tomorrow and end up some where in Northern Texas.

Hasta luego everyone.

Kittys Perspective

I found my dads home town!

Bill smiling in his sleep.

Another Giant Wind Farm!

Badlands with snow frosting

Bill always shoulder checks before changing lanes!


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