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Summer is Here

8 Nov

We have just wrapped up the hardest section of our trip so far. It was an exhausting 1100km leg that took us over 9.5hrs of driving plus breaks. We started the day with a white out blizzard, snowflakes the size of small birds mixed with freezing rain, and high speed winds. As the temperatures got above freezing the snow turned into a down pour that lasted most of the day. We left the beautiful and scenic state of Colorado to end up in Americas taint, Kansas. WHAT A CRAP HOLE!!! All the over passes were visibly crumbling, we found paved roads that suddenly ended in a field, and the ones that didn’t might as well have anyway. The only saving grace was this AMAZING BBQ restaurant that we stopped at for lunch. It was a smoke house style BBQ pit restaurant that had no veggies (except potatoes) on the menu. I ordered the 2 rib lunch special and wondered if I might need more. Long story short, we almost could not finish our meals (7 ish dollars a plate) and we found out why everybody in that restaurant was obese. As we left Kansas the difference in infrastructure was instantaneous. As we drove through Oklahoma we left winter behind and found fall again. The grass was still green and the leaves were just falling. The only downside was the complete grid lock on the interstate as we passed Oklahoma City. As we hit the border of Texas the temperature was at +13 degrees Celsius and it was after sunset. The trees are green and the air is humid; we had finally found summer again. We got to our “pet friendly” hotel and then we were told they were not actually “pet friendly”, and every other hotel in town was booked. After an exchange of some choice words with the hotel staff, back on the highway we went until we eventually found a sweet room in a Holiday Inn that was pet friendly. YAY! Bill, Kitty, Liz and I are EXHAUSTED! Tomorrow we head for the Gulf cost and our first glimpse of palm trees. We cannot wait!

Until Tomorrow!

Kansas on a good day!

Kitty is Exhausted!