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Yay, Palm Trees!

9 Nov

We woke up this morning to +12 degrees celsius and sun.  As we left Gainesville and hit the interstate we realized that we were there.  Summer was back for good.  All we could see was green grass, cactus, and Mexico-ish style bush and trees.  Pretty soon we were passing Dallas and San Antonio on massive sky ways, and clover leafs that would be impassable without GPS.  Thanks again to Dave and Wanita for the Tom-Tom, it paid for itself once more.  The pro-Jesus and anti-abortion propaganda on billboards the started to pop up in Krap-sas (Kansas) began to be replaced by ads for meth/painkiller addiction centers, plastic surgery, the Marines, pick up trucks and general ignorance.  We drove over a waterway called  Republican Creek and found it to be completely empty, full of garbage, and lacking any depth.  The temperature rose to 21 degrees, but between the humidity and the non-stop sunshine we found our self using the A/C for the first time.  South from there were fields full of long horn cattle, agave plants, and vultures.   Soon after that we spotted our first palm tree and we knew we were close to the Gulf.  As we pulled through Corpus Christi and started across the bridge to San Padre Island the salt air hit us and the ocean breeze cooled away the humidity.  We stopped at our hotel and grabbed a room with an ocean view and complementary boat parking (seriously).  The evening showers rolled in not long after that so the outdoor pool will have to wait.  I can already see it being hard to return to Canada because it is so cheap here to live like a king.  Booze, food and lodging are incredibly cheap compared to back home and we have not even got to Mexico yet.  Tomorrow we cross the border and head for the San Fernando area.  We have 4-5 days left in the road trip and we are doing great.  Kitty and Billy are so good that we hardly even notice they are in the car (except when they use the litter) and they love the new hotel rooms every night.  Tomorrow we will start to see just how Mexican we are.

Adios U.S.A., smell ya later!

Skyways are crazy!