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We Won’t be Slaves to Fate!

10 Nov

In our last post I said that today would be the first across the border.  We were going to “push it” and make Tampico by sundown.  After some though we said, “mehhh, how about a day off.”  We packed up the kitties and headed 2.5 hours down the road to the border town of Brownsville Texas.  We got a room, dropped off the cats and began to prepare for the day ahead.  We purchased Mexican insurance from one of the nicest elderly couples I have ever met.  I swore they could have been Canadian if not for the Texan accents y’all.  Along with the insurance we received multiple DVD’s, maps and brochures on traveling through mexico and crossing the border.  Apparently we were the third Canadians that day that were heading down for the winter.  Small world.  We went to a local place that was highly recommended called Kiki’s for dinner and were blown away!  I was lost in a world of mexican flavour that I never knew existed.  We had homemade tortilla chips, salsa verde, and pico-de-gallo to start, followed by a spicy bean soup.  Then I had a plate of six tacos and Liz had a platter of fajitas.  To drink were homemade fruit drinks(36oz!).  Mine was a heavenly mix of fresh cantaloupe, honey-dew melon, guava and who knows what else, while Liz’s was a pineapple concoction the was amazing to say the least.  Total bill only $17!  Tonight is early to bed and early to rise so we can get a jump-start on the border crossing. We will post a new entry as soon as we get to our hotel.

Until tomorrow!