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12 Nov

Today was the most spectacular drive of my life.  We left the crowded industrial city  and hit the jungle running.  Soon we were crossing massive suspension bridges spanning amazing valleys and rivers as we headed back into the mountains.  Massive mountain side fruit orchids as far as the eye can see and small towns full of fruit stands were the standard fare as we continued along.  The roads became covered by the jungle canopy and humidity spiked as the temperatures hit 30 degrees celsius.  Kitty began to spend most of her time with her face buried in the car vents enjoying the A/C.  The roads were high-speed and high adrenaline, and I shared them with some of the most talented/crazy drivers I have ever seen.  I felt right at home as we carved through blind corners at breakneck speeds just to keep up to traffic.  I was born to drive this way!  People here drive defensively and offensively, but still maintain more road courtesy and manners than back at home!  Around noon we started to descend again towards the ocean and we finished the last third of our drive along some of the most beautiful cost line I have seen.  Many small tourist and fishing towns dotted the shores and we eventually pulled over to take a break and eat. Every road side stand advertised pollo asadas so we had to try it.  We saw one that looked popular so we pulled to the shoulder and got out to investigate.  We were overwhelmed by the sights and smells at the road side market and fumbled our way through ordering food from a nice woman that only spoke spanish.  We ordered one pollo asadas and where served with an entire smoked and roasted chicken, chopped into bits with a machete right in front of our faces.  Along with this came a stack of 20 or so corn tortillas, a bag of fried rice, sauce, and toppings.  It was enough to feed a family of six!  We got it to go with 2 cevesas and the bill was under 10 dollars total.  We drove along eating and sharing the chicken with our Gatos (they loved it) until we could eat no more.  There are still left overs for the morning.  We pulled into the scenic city of Veracruz under blue skies and a 30 degree heat.  We found our hotel and headed out to the local square for some cervesas.  While we were enjoying the refreshments we struck up a conversation with a random Mexican man.  He told us the history of this city and what to check out.  An hour and a half slipped away (as well as 12 or so cervesas) before he had toleave our table and we decided to continue on our walk.  We found out that Veracruz is the vacation destination for most Mexicans and the place was pumping on the busy Saturday night.  There were performances and dancing everywhere and shops as far as you could see.   The streets were filled with muti-color lights and double-decker buses pumping music ( one even had a guy in a mickey mouse costume dancing on the top)!   The architecture has coined this town a nick name of  “Little Cuba” and we could see why.  The hotel we are staying in is a colonial style stone building and is over a century old!  The city reminds us of Havana and the locals seem to agree.  We had our first taste of Taco Pastor (highly recommended by Daryl and Nikita) and decided to hit the bed for a early start tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what the province of Tabasco and the City of Villahermosa have in store.

Good night everyone!

Bill knows where to chill.

Driving into the jungle canopy

Our hotel balcony

Dancing in the square

At the docks by the markets

Go Mickey Go!