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Home at last.

16 Nov

We made it!

Yesterday we left our amazing but way too expensive hotel and hit the road.  We made sure to enjoy the pools, grab the complimentary breakfast, and take lots of pictures before we went. After driving around for an hour and stopping for directions a few times we finally found the car ferry with minutes to spare.  We loaded the ferry in the bottom and climbed the epic 65 degree ramp to the upper deck ( no joke, I even got out the protractor).  Our car was safely nestled between four Cummings ISM marine generator sets that provided the power for the ship and the pod motors.  After checking out the passenger deck and grabbing some munchies we returned to the comfort of cats and A/C. The noise from the engines under load was deafening on deck but in our car it was whisper quiet.  That was the first time I realized how intensely insulated our car is from noise.  We let the waves rock us slowly to sleep (only had a couple of hours the night before) and soon we awoke to the sound of the ships horn.  We unloaded (down the crazy ramp) and drove off the ship towards the strange island before us and wondered, “where do we go now?”  Our cell phones were out of minutes (including the Mextel phone) so we started cruising around aimlessly and enjoying the sights.  We stopped at a gas station and were able to commander a phone but we could not get a hold of anyone.  We cruised some more until we found an internet café and referenced Google maps with the info on Facebook.  A really cool guy that worked there  explained how the streets and avenue numbers work  and pointed us in the right direction.  Just like in the rest of Mexico this city had mostly one-way streets, so after a few dozen loops we finally pulled up to the gate of “Dave’s Place.” We rang the bell and were greeted by Angelica (the caretaker) her young son Kamael and her mother Ruth.  Within minutes we were moving in and unpacking.  The place is amazing!  There is a giant court-yard with a pool, a gazebo, a covered bar with a barbecue, and beautiful plants all over.  Not only is the place fully furnished but included in our rent is everything we thought we would have to buy or pay extra for.  All the household tools and products, washer & dryer, even sheets and bedding!    Once we were settled we got directions to the nearest food and drink.  We grabbed a torta and a hamburgesa from a local street vendor (who was really friendly) and listened to her stories while enjoying amazing food.  She spoke mostly spanish but between Liz and I we could keep up a conversation no problem.  On the way home we grabbed some cervesas and then hit the sack early for a well needed rest.   This morning I woke up early and started work in my new office which consists of a hammock by the pool.  This also happens to be the place with the best Wi-Fi reception.  We took a walk for some Desayunos (breakfast) and had some ham and cheese empanadas (less than 50 cents each) and then had some carnitas to fill us up.  We had to find a bank machine so we walked up the main drag and grabbed the rent money.  We got home at 11 and realized our work was over for today.  Tomorrows challenge; get some basic groceries and extra household items then maybe go to the beach.  In this heat I see why siestas are necessary and accomplishing more than one thing a day is next to impossible.  Soon (November 27th) we will be heading back to the mainland to stay at a resort near Tulum with Chantel, Paul, Melissa and Clint to celebrate Melissa and Clint’s wedding.  Hopefully we will be settled in by then.  Bill has sat in his cat carrier all day wondering when we are going to get back on the road again. It might take a couple of days for them to figure out that they are now at home.

Hasta luego amigos.

You can just see Cozumel from here.

The hotel was just down the street from the Coco Bongo.

Leaving the main land.

The GPS didn't know what to think of the boat ride.

crazy ramp!

Docking in Cozumel

Un-packing Kitty for good.

My new office.

Our apartment.