Fun in the sun.

18 Nov

Hello everyone!

We are waking up and shaking off what could be our first Mexican hangover.  Yesterday, after trading was finished for the morning, we brought the cats out to the court-yard for their first taste of lounging poolside.  We watched and took pictures as they stalked geckos, lizards and frogs around the court-yard and thoroughly investigated all the new tropical plants and flowers they have never seen before.  Later on that day we met up with our friend Ricky from Edmonton.  He was out cruising around on his bike so we met up at the MEGA store on the main drag along the ocean.  Liz did a little shopping while I got all the island info on where to go and what to do.  Soon we were following Ricky to Hugos restaurant for a nice afternoon snack.  Hugo is a great guy and a friend of Daryl and Nikita. I met him a long time ago at one of Daryl’s crazy parties (just a blur of a memory now).  We ate and drank while overlooking a nice court-yard and discussing Mexican politics.  We finally found out why all the Mexican roads were being re-finished.  It seems that the current president is finishing his last term and has to fulfil his promise to spend the money allocated for infrastructure.  It also may have something to do with the fact that he also owns most of the construction companies that are doing the work….  Later on we headed down towards Ricky`s place and went across the street to a wonderful bar named “The Hatch.”  The bar is right on the beach and overlooks the light house and the cruise ship docks.  We met up with a retired American that was one of Ricky’s friends and wasted the afternoon talking American politics.  He was refreshingly educated and well spoken which is hard to find among the American population of today’s world.  We drank back our two for one happy hour margaritas and watched people snorkel around the coral below us.  The disscussions ranged from making fun of Fox news to the fear based governing that now grips most of America since 9-11.  Wow, did I just make friends with an American?  No one would have seen that coming a year or so ago.  It was nearing 6 pm so we headed to the upstairs balcony and watched the sun set behind the behemoth ships as they sailed away from port.  It still seems so surreal to watch and I don’t think I will ever tire of that amazing view.  We cleared our tab and strolled across the street to Rickys apartment.  We grabbed a 6 pack to wet the whistle and found out that even in Mexico it is still 4:20 somewhere.  Suddenly our appetite had increased dramatically so we headed back to The Hatch for a late dinner of chicken tacos and pastor chimichangas.  For all of you who don’t know what pastor is, you are missing out.  It is a marinated pork mixture that is prepared similar to donair meat but tastes WAY BETTER than any donair I have ever ate.  You can get pastor in almost any form (tacos, tortas, etc), but much like a donair you should not eat it a lot if you are on a diet.  Soon we realized it was after 11 pm so we wondered home so I could get up and trade in the morning.  Today I plan on getting most of the boring stuff out-of-the-way (work, banking, groceries, cleaning, writing letters to family, etc) so we can spend the weekend exploring new beaches and coral reefs.

P.S.  To Clint, Melissa, Chantel, and Paul; we realized that the car ferry doesn’t run the day we are supposed to meet you at the Dreams Tulum Resort.  No worries, we called our travel agent and now we will be showing up one day earlier on Saturday November 26th.  We cannot wait to see you there!

P.S.S.  Hello Nicole and Justin!  Sorry I missed you guys on our shout out yesterday.  We would also like to see you down here, just let us know your plans.

Bill Stalking!

Kitty lounging pool side sipping on delicious drinks!

Bill can see you...

Our new favourite bar!

Dissing Fox News while wearing a Che shirt. If this were the U.S.A. I would already be under arrest.

To bad the sun only sets once a day.

The Cozumel light house guiding a giant cruise ship.

I wondered who was knocking on the door...

3 Responses to “Fun in the sun.”

  1. Nicole November 18, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

    Oh man I am sooooooo jealous but love that you guys have taken this life journey! I really think Justin and I can make this happen,what’s the closest airport to you guys? Maybe in March for my bday we’ll treat ourselves to a tropical treat! I will be checking in with you guys & living vicariously (oh my sure I spelt wrong) through you.

    Enjoy ~ ; )

    • Cozumel-O-Muerte November 19, 2011 at 7:36 am #

      The closest airport to us is the international airport on Cozumel (5-10mins away), from the Cancun air port take a taxi to Playa del Carmen (30mins), then your just a ferry ride away. There might not be direct flights from Edmonton to Cozumel, but there is to Cancun. It would be awsome to see you guys here!

  2. Mel and Cint November 21, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Oh my god!!! How cool

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