Billito Hombre Pantalones (Bill Man Pants): Médica de Emergencia!

19 Nov

If you translated this posts title you may be concerned, but don’t worry everything is ok.  Over the last couple days we noticed that Bill was more tired than usual.  He was sleeping 22 hours a day, that’s a 9% increase from the usual 20 hours of cat napping.  We noticed that when he was awake he would favour his right paw and not put too much pressure on it.  When we investigated it last night he let out a pathetic squeak when I held his wrist.  First thing this morning we took him in to the “Centro Medico Veterinario” to see his new island doctor.  We got there and the place was filled with super cute puppies and kitties, waiting for their check-up or grooming appointment.  We talked to the front desk and he called in the English-speaking vet who arrived promptly.  We found out our Bill Man had hyper extended a tendon in his leg and that it was a common injury for cats (like tennis elbow for cats).  The doctor prescribed him a week of anti inflammatory pills and plenty of rest.  Bill crisis adverted for a total cost of 300 peso ($22.40 CAD) including medication! We were going to go snorkelling today but it after we got home from the vet a downpour rolled in.  We figured it was a good time to do a blog entry and clean the house.

Yesterday I went shopping at the MEGA which is a one of the biggest stores I have ever been in.  It has the reputation of catering to the gringos and I was told by friends to expect an inflated price on products.  I guess the price must be inflated from near zero because I could not believe the prices.  Back home I did all the grocery shopping so I know what things should cost in a store and this was cheap.

Examples include:

40 oz of Kahlua- 105 peso ($7.84 CAD)

40 oz of Smirnoff – 123.70 peso ($9.23 CAD)

1 litre of milk-13.80 peso ($1.03 CAD)

3 litre bottle of Coke – 24.88 peso ($1.86 CAD)

8 pack of microwave popcorn – 30.40 peso ($2.27 CAD)

Cheapest paralyser and movie night ever – priceless

The produce in the store was mouth-watering just to look at.  You cannot buy cold milk (seriously), pop comes in 3 litre bottles, but suprisingly  the same brand names exist here but have a Mexican flair to the packaging.  There are Mexican brands that don’t exist outside here (like Bimbo Foods brand) and the chip flavours here are nothing like back home.  Interesting flavours include lime, tomato (not ketchup), queso (not like cheese at home), and all sorts of spicy and pork flavoured stuff.  They only way out of the store was on an escalator for shopping carts, it held the cart stationary for you as you descend a 30 degree slope to the main floor.  Super cool stuff.  I feel like I am some hick who lives their life in the country and then goes to a big city for the first time.  I am overly impressed by everything I see here.  When that wears off we might look like less of a tourist to the locals…  Oh look a shiny thing!

Today we are going to have a face time session with Chantel at 1 pm.  Hopefully the sky clears this afternoon so we can hit the beach later on!

Kitty would keep Bill company and groom him while he was not feeling good.

That is a 3 liter bottle of Coke!

Flowers in our yard.

A friend Bill made at the vet.

Bill was trying to hide when he got home.

2 Responses to “Billito Hombre Pantalones (Bill Man Pants): Médica de Emergencia!”

  1. Daryl November 20, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Hola amigos.

    Todavía estamos en Canadá y su muy frío aquí. Me alegro de que tener un jacuzzi. Somos casi finlandés trabajo y pronto será tu vecino. Estoy deseando leer tu blog cada día. Por favor digan el infierno a todo el mundo para mí. Menos veinticinco hoy. No hay diversión no feliz.

    • Cozumel-O-Muerte November 20, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

      Hey Daryl!
      I copy and pasted that message into Goggle translate and this is what it said:

      Hello friends.

      We are still in Canada and its very cold here. I’m glad to have a jacuzzi. We are almost Finnish work and will soon be your neighbor. I’m looking forward to reading your blog every day. Please say hell around the world to me. Least twenty-five today. There is no fun not happy.

      Thanks for the message. Even though the translation sounds like a bad kung-foo movie I think I get it….

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