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20 Nov

Saturday wrapped up with more precipitation in 6 hours than I have seen in Alberta in the last 6 months.  After watching some online videos and running back and forth between the pool and shelter all day we decided to go out for dinner.  Some of the streets were flooded curb high so we found a new way to wash the salt off the bottom of our car.  Everyone was still out on their scooters and bikes and did not seem to mind the wet, raincoat or not.  It is a challenge to drive around the bikes and scooters .while they dodge puddles, simultaneously trying not to soak pedestrians with our giant wake from the deep water.  After trying to go to Hugo’s restaurant, which was closed for a special event, we ended up grabbing some pizza at a Mexican pizza place a couple blocks away.  We stayed under shelter and enjoyed the cooler weather (mid 25 degrees) as it was a change from the last week of 30 degree heat.  The rain brought out all sorts of creatures to watch.  During the afternoon a big crab showed up in the courtyard, and he was soon followed by different frogs and toads once the sun went down.

Today started early so we could beat the scheduled afternoon showers and make the festivities downtown.  The last couple of days there have been some Mexican festival going on.   I’m sure there is some massive holiday at least every month in Mexico, so figuring out the reason behind each one would be an exercise in futility.  We are just here to enjoy them!  Later at the capital buildings we joined the crowd waiting for the parade.  The sweet smell of sugared and deep-fried empanadas filled the air while the marching bands and dance music set the atmosphere.  The official looking people in the balcony of the capitol building waved and clapped as each group preformed a dance or march below them.  The groups involved with the parade included; sports teams, schools, marching groups, etc.  After the fun was over the sun was still out, so we grabbed out snorkelling equipment from home on our way to the beach.  We parked down by the Hatch and took advantage of what the crystal clear, blue-green ocean had to offer that day.  There were schools of fish and groups of coral in a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes.  We could see dozens of species of fish as well as urchins, giant sand dollars, a barracuda, and as sorts of stuff I don’t know the name off.  We snorkelled around the docks until we worked up an appetite and filled the camera with pictures.  We exited the ocean as some sun showers started to fall, which was a good way to clean off the salt water.  This afternoon we spent our time lounging in the pool and enjoying the day off.  Sundays here are super quiet with little or no traffic because there are no cruise ships or ferries running.  When you live in Mexican tourist town you truly begin to understand the “silence is golden” thing.

Our neighbourhood crab.


The Cozumel Government.


This was the least impressed bandito around. Sweet mustache though.

The official looking girl in the middle is "Miss Mexico."

I was going to post a bunch of underwater photos but I think our underwater camera is toast.  (insert disappointment here)