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To the beach!

24 Nov


Another great day in the sun, another amazing adventure on the books.  Yesterday, after writing the novel I posted on the blog, we decided to go exploring for a new place to snorkel.  We drove back out of town and into the jungle once more.  After passing a couple of resorts we found a clearing on the side of the road that we could pull into.  We parked, grabbed our beach bag and headed to the shore.  The area we were in was off the beaten path to say the least.  There was no beach to talk of just endless rocky outcroppings and tidal pools.  We could see life everywhere; small lizards and big iguanas sunned themselves on the fossilized coral.  It was a scene from a dream as we watched crabs ran for safety as sea birds and giant herons poached fish from the massive tidal pools full of colourful corals and spiky urchins.  We tried to find a way into (and more importantly out of) the crystal clear water without having to do any rock climbing but after exploring the shoreline for half an hour we decided to try another place.  We drove down the road a couple more minutes and spotted a nice way in.  There was a small amount of bush cleared on the side of the road so we squeezed the Volkswagen in and headed for the shore.  In front of us way a sea turtles dream!  The water was striped with different shades of blue and green letting us know that there was plenty of coral, sea grass, sandy areas and rocky areas.  We knew that meant amazing snorkelling!  We found a sandy route from the shore out to waist deep water, donned the snorkels and swam into a wonderland.  We were snorkelling through massive schools of fish in all shapes and colours.  We found forests of fan corals in some areas, plains of sea grass in others and large collections of brain corals shooting up from the sandy ocean floor.  Everywhere we looked there were flickers of life and activity.  There were schools of the biggest parrot fish I have ever seen, accompanied by colour changing flounders, stingrays, puffer fish and many creatures that I could not name. By the time we decided to exit the water it was late afternoon and we were very hungry.  We dried off on the sun and the +34 temperatures then headed back to town.

We were driving down the main drag when we passed the Hatch.  We caught a glimpse of a familiar face on the balcony and it turned out to be our friend Ricky.  We stopped for a cervesa and a plate of nachos, but before we knew it we had retired across the street to hang out on Ricky’s apartment’s deck.  We met another friend named Charlie and the good conversation let hours slip away.  Soon it was dark and breeze off the ocean cooled the night air.  Suddenly we noticed the banana trees lighting up like it was Christmas.  I investigated further and found the flashing lights were the result of many fireflies.  The ground and air around us lit up with a green glow and I was able to catch one of the floating lights in the palm of my hands.  We all watched my personal flashlight pulse green in my hands until it flew away to continue on with its life.  I wish I could have taken pictures but of course they are very hard to capture with photography.  We headed over to the apartment of Ricky’s friend Ruy.  We socialized for a while and made another friend. A while later we were heading home for some late dinner.  We walked to our favourite taco place and ordered a table full of amazing of pastor and pollo tacos (total bill 81 peso or $6 Canadian) and then waddled home with full bellies.  We reflected on our day and went to bed knowing that another day in paradise was just a sunrise away.

P.S.  Chantel and Paul are amazing!  They have bent over backwards to get things we needed before coming to visit us!  We owe them 100 cervesas and tequila shots when we get to that all-inclusive resort on Saturday….

Kitty and Bill are always sleeping in this Box.

This is the beach we found.

Party at Rickys.

Rocking out on the balcony.