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Turkey with No Key.

25 Nov

Buenas tardes amigos,

Most Canadians probably did not notice (or care) but  yesterday was the USA’s Thanksgiving.  It normally would not mean anything to us, but this Thanksgiving we were invited to dinner by an American.  Our friend Jimmy and his wife Ida own a house a few blocks away.  It is a nice property with a giant court-yard, a fish pond, a big 2 story  main house with three condo style apartments in the back.  We arrived and joined the table of people who were already there.  After introductions we sat down to turkey dinner with two nice couples.  One owned a nearby mayan seafood restaurant, and the other owned a dive shop/buggy rental/restaurant on the water front.  We enjoyed good food and drink, then played a couple of games of billiards on Jimmy’s table.  On the way home we realized we had no keys for our apartment, so we phones Angelica to let us in to the compound.  She did not have a backup key so we stayed the night in another apartment that had already been made up for Chantel and Paul.  In the morning I went for a small walk and came back with a locksmith.  150 ($11.20 CAD) peso later the problem is solved and we were in.

Today we are going to say goodbye to Ricky because he is heading back to Canada for a couple of weeks.  We are going to hangout and help him pack up his bikes before we drop him off at the ferry.  The rest of the day should be spent packing our clothes and prepping out suntan for the Saturday start to our vacation within a vacation.


This picture is for Nicole and Justin.


People are training everywhere for Iron Man on November 27th. 100k USD for 1st place!


Bill waking up and wondering where we have been.