El Moro

26 Nov

As I am writing this entry we are preparing to leave for Tulum.   It is already a beautiful day and we are on track to make the 11 am car ferry.  I just checked my email and Dave and Wanita say their flights are booked and they will be joining us in paradise from January 12th to February 8th 2012.  Yay we cannot wait to have some more good company!

Last night we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  We went for a walk to find El Moro, a resturant owned by a friend we met the other night.  It is an amazing restaurant that serves classic Mayan, Mexican and Seafood dishes .  We were greeted like family, with big hugs and handshakes, then we continued to enjoy the best service I have ever had!  I ordered the Steak Cubana (I highly recommend it) and Liz ordered the enchiladas 1/2 Mole and 1/2 Red sauce.  After ordering we were served a giant basket of baked tortilla chips with pico-de-gallo and another basket of warm toasted bread.  Midway through eating that we were served a mouth-watering baked nacho dish covered in black beans, red sauce, queso, and who knows what else.  Needless to say we were super impressed and were near full after the free appetizers.  Our main courses came out of the kitchen on giant silver platters and simultaneously our chips and bread were topped up.  We dug in and could not believe the flavours!  We had never tried Mole before but after this experience we were left licking the plate just for one more taste! After dinner we were served a big 2 oz shot of a Mayan liquor mixed with honey called Xtabentuna (I think that is spelled correctly) on the house.  Needless to say we left full and satisfied feeling a buz from the shots.  Total bill: 285 peso ( $21.50 CAD) for a meal with better quality and service than I have experienced from any restaurant in North America!  Amazing!

The rest of the night we spent swinging in hammocks and enjoying a couple Negra Modelos.  The bats flew around the court-yard catching bugs and the frogs came out to play while we chilled out and enjoyed 4:20 somewhere….



3 Responses to “El Moro”

  1. Nicole November 27, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    Sounds pretty fantastic. For news back home we went to see Jon Lojie (someone I know now because of one our many evenings hanging with you guys, and friends @ the condo)! So naturally I am thinking of you guys and missing you. I know you two would’ve loved the show and we had you with us in spirit.
    We have been talking more and more about staying at my friends condo and of course coming to see you guys too. I think in late January or possibly closer to March. Were going to keep our eyes out for deals on flights and once we do you’ll be on o teh first to know!

  2. Mandy Casavant November 29, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    Hey guys! I hope Dave found the awesome $445 flights that we did for those dates! lol….so assuming you’re full up during that week when might be a good time to come?? We want some sunshine too 🙂

    • Cozumel-O-Muerte November 30, 2011 at 11:36 am #

      There are other places we can get for cheap. Our place has between 1-3 open apartments at any time but they might be full. There is a friend who has a couple places down the road for rent, and their is sandys place which is right next to the beach. they range in price from $75-$150 per week. Also we have some friends that own a hotel for 50 a night(or less). Let us know what you are planning!!

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