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Resort Fun!

28 Nov

Hello again.  We have been so busy (drunk) that I have not been able to find time to do a blog.  It is just a few more hours before Mel and Clint’s wedding so we have remained sober enough to finally write an entry.

We left Cozumel on the 26th on the 11 am ferry.  The seas were the roughest we had seen so far and the ferry ride felt more like an amusement park ride.  We sat on the sun deck and held on to the rails while riding the swells like a rollercoaster.  It was still a beautiful day and we were lucky enough to see schools of flying fish take to the air around the car ferry.  At times there were dozens in the air, flying 50 feet or more before tucking there long fins/wings back against their bodies and diving back into the depths.  It was amazing to watch!

We arrived at the hotel and were treated with five-star services from the second we pulled up.  I guess they don’t have a lot of people drive to the resort, so we had all the door men at our service.  We are even getting the car washed while we stay here!  Everybody was waiting in the lobby and after a round of hugs we had our bags sent to the room and hit the resort running.  It has been really fun so far with many trips into the pool and ocean, accompanied by many trips to the bar.  There has been good entertainment nightly and we have enjoyed great food at the amazing restaurants.   This afternoon is the wedding so we have taken it easy and remained mostly sober.  Tomorrow we have 3 hours of spa service and massage, just another day in paradise.


Leaving Cozumel.

Flaming Spanish coffee at the coffee bar!











Resort kitty!


Good times at the resorts Mexican restaurant.


Chantel and Liz enjoying their tequilla shots!


Pre wedding pep talk.