Time slips away…..

30 Nov

Hey everybody we are finally back online.  The last couple of days have consisted of non-stop boozing and 3hr spa sessions!  Between bad internet connections and my laptop power source biting the dust I have not been able to post.  I drove to Playa today and found one at the Office Depot, YAY!

The wedding was awesome.  I am not one for weddings (you all know my opinion on that) but I was blown away.  In the morning the weather was iffy but as if by magic, the clouds cleared and the blue skys came back.  Mel and Clint said their vows on the beach with a perfect back ground of crashing waves on white sand and the sun setting through the jungle.  We enjoyed an amazing reception with some of the fanciest food and drink I have experienced.  After that we retired to the bar and entertainment area and celebrated into the night!  It was an amazing day!

We have experienced some of the coldest weather we have seen in Mexico.  I dont know if you heard but there were areas that got down to 4 degrees celsius overnight on the mainland.  That might not seem cold but it could be deadly for some because there is no heating in most homes here (just A/C).   It didn’t slow us down, we just shivered more when at the pool bar and joined more activities to keep the heart rate up.  We have gone for some amazing dinners and seen some good entertainment.  Last night was Mexican night (go figure)  featuring mariachi bands, authentic foods, and even a mechanical bull for the brave!  Today I dropped of the crew at the Tulum ruins but since I had seen them before I went into Playa to get the much needed supplies.  The weather is already improving and it is now 27 degrees out.  tomorrow we leave the resort and head to the Chichen Itza ruins then we are back on the island by the end of the night.  I can’t wait to get back to the “real Mexico”, there are too many Gringos here!  LOL!

wedding pictures


More wedding pictures.


Drunken fun at the Asian resturant!


Mechanical Bull!Sweet band!


2 Responses to “Time slips away…..”

  1. Janis November 30, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    Melissa looked absolutely stunning and Liz & Chantel looked beautiful as well. The guys – very handsome of course! Looks like the wedding went well. Congrats again to Mel & Clint. Thanks for the post. Safe travels everyone….


    • Cozumel-O-Muerte December 3, 2011 at 8:50 am #

      Hi Janis! Chantel and paul will be coming home with more pictures for everyone to see. THere are too many good pics to post them all!

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