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R & R

3 Dec

The last few days have been both busy and fun.  We left the resort on December 1st and then drove 300km from Tulum to Chichen Itza.  Last time we drove this route was at night so It was nice to see the many big trees, vines and flowering plants that make up the jungle of the peninsula.  It was a quick drive on the toll roads but it left me wondering how many days it took the Mayans to make the trip from city to city through the thick jungle.  Paul was our tour guide for Chichen Itza because he had went there a few years ago.  The pyramids and great halls stretched before us and it was almost unbelievable how large the city was!  Beside these great structures were mounds of rubble or old ruins that are unexcavated due to being overgrown with trees and jungle.  I couldn’t help but ponder how much there was left to  discover below our feet and in the jungle.  An archeologist could devote a life time to that place and still not scratch the surface.  After a quick ride back to Playa del Carmen we jumped on the car ferry as the sun went down.  We watched the lights of Cozumel approach us as the cruise ships left port for the day.  One cruise ship came very close to our boat and it was cool to see a behemoth lit up like a Christmas tree among the dark void that is the ocean at night.  After docking we got home, settled in and went for tacos.  It was a full day but definitely a fun day.

On December 2nd we took Chantel and Paul on a mini tour of the city.  We got the essentials done like going to the bank and getting groceries then went for a lunch.  We spend the rest of the day lounging pool side and mixing drinks for one another.  We make a big platter of cheese and meats for ourselves and called it super, while we watched movies and hit the hammocks for the rest of the night. After a busy week we definitely all needed this day to rest and relax. 

Chantel and I standing next to the giant pyramid.


Jaguars and spears?




Hall of 1000 pillars.


An observatory built for mapping the movements of Venus.


Skulls of warriors.