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Island Tour

4 Dec

Hello blog followers,

We are doing great!  I am just waking up to the third day of having guests here and I am tired!  We hit the island running yesterday and managed to pack a lot of fun into a 12 hour period.  First was breakfast a Prima, a nice relaxing meal overlooking the coastline made for a great photo-op.  After our stomachs were full of amazing food we headed East and drove straight across the center of the island.  Once on the far coast I gave Chantel and Paul the grand tour of  what the island has to offer.  We reached our first destination on this side; Coconuts!  We sat on the “balcony” which is more of a sand covered cliff overlooking a unbelievable coastline bearing the onslaught of breakers taller than me.  We enjoyed some cervesas and a plate of jalapeño poppers while looking through the photo albums from the bar.  We had fun playing with and filming the tropical birds, the chameleon, the bars puppies, and even a fat orange cat named Garfield.  Soon it was time to hit the road again and we drove a few kilometers of pristine coastline to our next destination.  The ocean spray and sweet smell of jungle flowers filled our car as we drove to the most southern point of the island.  There we got out and had some Mojitos on the beach at Bob Marley’s bar.  We stuck our toes in the sand and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze under the heat of a clear Caribbean day.  When our thirst was satisfied we turned back North and followed the old highway along the West coast of the island.  We pulled over on the side of  the road and blazed a trail into the ocean.  We enjoyed the amazing snorkeling and were able to see all sorts of ocean creatures.  Paul brought his underwater camera and so I will have to post some of his photos when I get my hands on his SD card.  It was hard to pull ourselves away from the bright coral and schools of fish but we were getting hungry from fighting the current.  We dried off and returned to town along the coast.  There were many awesome resorts, estates, and beaches to look at as we continued up the coast.  Once at the Hatch we sat down for a big dinner and several 2 for 1 margaritas/cervesas.  The sun set over the ocean and the cruise ships left port so we decided to move on.  We stopped down town and went window shopping for jewelry and tequilla.  All throughout town we can see the christmas decorations and lights going up.  Every palm tree and building has lights being strung up over it.  This will be our first x-mas outside of winter wonderland so it feels both odd and comforting to see lights on the tropical plants.  We retired to the court-yard of our apartment and played some card games until we were to exhausted to continue.  I think we packed as much fun as we could in to that day but there is still so much more I want to show our guests about our beautiful little island before they leave on December 8th.  Today another adventure awaits!