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Shop ’til You Drop

6 Dec


Who knew shopping and drinking could leave you so tired. We hit the markets with a vengeance yesterday because Paul and Chantel needed to do some Christmas shopping. In Mexico you can drink and walk down the street so we took advantage of that freedom and drained a couple six packs of Dos Equis. We teamed up and negotiated a storm, and in some cases we were able to walk away with a discount of over 80%!  Tortas were the food of chose for the day and we stopped at a couple different tacurias to try something new. Once again we were overly impressed with the food and the local flavours. Chantel and Paul are getting use to the spice and the flavour and are wondering how they will go back to the bland cooking of Canada. We finished the day with beer and clamato fest while lounging in the pool.


Good times!