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Paradise Beach = 2 Thumbs Boo!

7 Dec


Liz here! It was a full day of fun and adventures yesterday.  We had an early start to the day, and went to the local empanada place for some brunch.  The plan was to drive and find a new place to snorkel.  We drove past a few really nice places to pull over to snorkel, but spotted them too late, so we carried on down the road.  We found ourself near Paradise Beach which had been recommended to us by a few people, so we decide to stop there.  When we arrived, we sat down to have a bucket of cervezas.  It was clear that this beach was for the people off the cruise ships as the prices were quite expensive.  We weren’t going to let this stop us though!

We found some chairs on the beach, got our snorkels, and headed to the ocean to see what we could find…  Nothing!  We did find a huge dead fish, but this was the worst snorkelling we had seen since arriving on the island.  After a half an hour or so of swimming around looking for corals, fish, or anything it was decided that this was not the ideal snorkelling location.  So to not have our $2 USD go to waste, we threw off our snorkelling gear and went to the giant inflatable slides and jungle gyms off the beach.  Chantel, Tim, and I climbed the biggest slide and had a blast splashing into the water.  That was worth our entrance fee; it was super fun!  After that we headed to the pool to rinse off the salt from the ocean.  The water was really warm, so hopefully it was from the sun and not the numerous amounts of kids splashing around! 

Not wanting to spend a copious amount of money on more drinks, we headed off the other side of the island to Coconuts for drinks.  On the way we stopped at the rock arches and took some pictures.  We had fun drinking, playing with Chimichanga (one of the birds there), and watching the sunset and surfers on the horizon.  Since we needed Tim sober enough to get us home, we headed out.  On the way into town, we stopped at a Cervesa Fria location to load up on Coronas and 40’s of assorted beer.  After finishing off some 40’s, it was time for dinner.  Keeping with the theme for the day and trying new things we walked past our nearest taqueria and headed further down Benito Juarez.  We ended up at a different taco place that we had seen before, but had never been open.  Tim and Paul ordered numerous taco pastors, and Chantel and I had pastor tortas.  Chantel and I ran across the street to the Pemex to grab cervezas to accompany dinner.  The food was served and we had now found a new favorite place for tacos, as the food was amazing!  Dinner for 4 was 90 pesos including tip ($7 USD)! 

We ended a full day hanging out around the bar sipping on more cervezas.  More adventures to come as Paul and Chantels time with us is coming close to an end.

Adios Amigos.

Word of Lizdom:  Paradise may not be so perfect!

Its croc country!

Woooooo Chantel!

Demasiato Margaritas Azul!!


Good Times!



Sweet beetle man!


Nice Box!!! Fish!


Sea Spiders.