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8 Dec

Today we said a heartfelt goodbye to Chantel and Paul.  There is a chance they could be back before we leave Mexico but if not we will see them again in Spring.  Here are a few highlights of the great week we spent together.

Adios amigos!!

Kitties of the Corn!



8 Dec

Daryl, you must be a mind reader.  For the last three days you have suggested we do the exact thing we had already planned on doing!  Great minds think alike.  Just to clear it up, yesterdays post was of Paradise Beach Club, not the Paradise Beach Daryl had recommended.  We attempted to go the Paradise Beach at the Calleta marina but the small road that leads to the beach is no longer there.  It has been replaced by a giant pit full of heavy machinery building who knows what.  There is no way to drive there anymore and we confirmed this by checking google maps.  If it is as good as Daryl says than it would be worth the hike in along the beach, but since there is private property on both sides I think the only way in for now is with a boat. Booo!

We have never been North of San Miguel so we decided to go for a drive in the Golf.  Little did we know what the car was in for!  After the pavement ended and the dirt began it became clear that renting a Jeep for the day would have been the better option.  We weren’t going to let giant craters and mud bogs stop us so I nimbly maneuvered the Golf through what remained passable.  Arriving at the other side was a muddy but unscathed car garnishing some looks from the locals in their Jeeps and trucks.  There was a big bay with fishing boats along it, sitting in the brackish water that joined the swamp to the open ocean.  Across the bay we could see Passion Island so we snapped a few pictures and took in the sights.  Soon we were joined by some wild but overly curious raccoons.  They were really cute but we knew not to touch or feed them even though it seemed that is what they wanted us to do. They would follow us around as we walked, and eventually I had to roll up the car windows and shoo them away because it seemed as though their intent was to explore our car and make off with all the shiny things.  We watched sea birds dive for fish and explored a little more of the area until we hit roads that finally seemed impassable for our car.  Hunger called us back to the city and we stopped for lunch at Hugo’s restaurant.  After a quick meal and a chat with our friend we headed South on the old highway and found a new random beach to  snorkel at.  This coral was not as good as our the first random place we had found, but the patches of rock, sea grass and open sand provided habitat for many types of Fauna.  We spotted numerous sea slugs and sea cucumbers, lobsters, lion fish, different types of rays, and the usual accompaniment of  brightly colored tropical fish.  After Chantel and Liz got spooked by what they call “creepy water”, which to me was no different from any water we have been in before, we headed back to the shore and drove home.  A few rounds of cervezas later we headed to our favorite restaurant El Moro!  To say we all love this restaurant is an understatement.  The food and drink are indescribable without a novel being wrote about each flavour experience.  Time flew out the window as we tried multiple authentic Mayan and Mexican dishes and drinks.  For dessert a round of flaming Mayan coffees with homemade butter pecan ice cream.    To say that this restaurant provides the best service experience of my life is an understatement, and the smiling faces of their patrons are a testament to that.  To eat at El Moros is the closest thing to a religious experience that I have ever felt.  Food so good it leaves you speechless and brings a tear to your eye!  A must for anyone visiting Cozumel!  Check out the website at  The day ended with us wobbling back to the apartment and drinking the night away, another great day in paradise!

Hola little buddy!


A cool ray.


Rock Lobster!



El Moro!


Nice Kabob!




Flaming Mayan Butter Pecan Ice Cream Coffees!!