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14 Dec

Hello everybody, how is life?  We have been kicking back and relaxing for the several days in preparation for the new week ahead.  We have been spending much of our time sun tanning, catching up on work, and getting into our routine.  Highlights from this week include;  swimming for exercise off the docks behind La Hatch, reading novels that we wanted to get finished, eating at El Moros again, rearranging our furniture, trying new places to eat, and most importantly: relaxing.  WOW! LOL!  I guess you could say we were not too busy!

Today our friend Ricky will fly back to the island and we should be picking him up this afternoon and going for some welcome home beers.  Tomorrow morning we have vet appointments for our cats to get their check-up, inoculations, and medication.  Tomorrow afternoon Daryl and Nikita arrive at the  airport followed by some more of their friends.  Daryl and Nikita will be moving into our apartment building, and between the inevitable partying with everyone and our first dive booked for December 17th we should have a busy week/weekend with a lot of opportunity for great blog entries! After all this lounging I hope we have the energy to keep up with everyone!

P.S.  It is funny that we did not get one mosquito bite in Mexico before we met Chantel and Paul at the resort, then for the next two weeks that  they stayed in Mexico there was an onslaught of mosquito bites, then after they left we have not had one.  I always knew Chantel was a mosquito beacon but that much difference  is statistically ridiculous.  You should donate your blood to some mosquito research program!! LOL!

A great place for pastor! We are still trying to figure out the name of this taqueria. Always too busy eating...


Kitty and Bill have taken the opportunity to relax also.


The dock at La Hatch. Great area to swim for fun or exercise.