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16 Dec


  The last couple days have been a good time so say the least.  It started on December 14th when our friend Ricky flew in to Cozumel.  He is Back for 31 days this time and we started it off with a welcome cerveza and a ride from the airport.  Later Charlie joined us at Rickys place and we socialized the day away. Liz and I called it an early night but I guess Ricky keep going all night!  The next morning we had already heard through our friends that he got quite drunk celebrating his return.  It is such a small town here, everybody knows everybody!  We picked up Daryl and Nikita around noon on December 15th .  After dropping their stuff off at Daves place we went to visit our friend Hugo and have some lunch at his restaurant.  He had Daryls “Harley” waiting for him there and I finally got to see the road rash evidence of Rickys famous flight off a tope (it made the San Miguel newspaper)!  Daryls friend Jeff arrived at the airport a few hours after they did so we picked him up and headed to La Hatch.  Oddly enough Ricky was not there (still recovering) so after a couple of rounds of drinks we gave him a call.  Soon we went to his place and was soon joined by Hugo.  After draining a couple of caes of cervesa we headed down town to eat at Daryl and Nikitas favourite taqueria El Pique.  I was feeling adventurous so with the help of my Spanish-speaking friends we ordered some different types of foods.  We had a bean and meat soup called frijoles charro which was amazing!  We followed it up with rounds the usual chips and salsa, guacamole, and amazing taco pastor.  It was not the regular pastor we were all used to, everyone suggested we try it “gringa” style.  The difference is that it comes on a wheat torrtila instead of corn, and it is topped with cheese, cilantro, and onions (then we add lots of salsa).  They are amazing!  I wish we would have known about theses before Chantel and Paul left, sorry guys!  I wanted something new so Hugo suggested I tried some cow head, literally!  They were all out of tongue and brains so I went for the “mixture”.  The taco was filled with a seasoned and stewed mixture of cow eye, cheek, tounge, nose, and nerves with some cilantro and diced onion.  It tasted better than it sounded, and next time (if we get there before its sold out) I will try a fried brain taco (sesos parados) and a cow tongue taco (lengua) which are Hugos favourites.  After experiencing the flavours of Mexican and Mayan cooking it will be hard to go back to Bland-ada(Canada).  Between the amazing food at low prices (7 people for dinner and drinks plus appetizers was just over 700 peso or $54 CAD),and the amazing service without expectation of a big tip (not the 15% tip just because the waitress has a pulse like back home), dinning will never be the same for me.  After another round of drinks at Rickys we called it a night, we had to go to Primas in the morning.


Cozumel airport.


Waiting for Daryl and Nikita.


We know what time it is!


There are cars with antlers everywhere.


Another beautiful sunset at La Hatch!


I found this sweet picture of Bill sleeping in the glove box when I cleaned out the I-Phone.


Kicking back at Rickys place.


Eating way too much at El Pique!