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Cantina Tour Mexican Style

17 Dec


Yesterday we finally made it to Prima for breakfast around 11 am, a slow start to a busy day.  We ordered from the local menu which offers all sorts of dishes, with coffee, for 47 peso ($3.60 CAD).   Note:  Chantel and Paul, we figured out why it was more expensive when we went there (local menu). Considering the view, the food, and the coffee, it is a great deal.  After taking care of some work we headed out for an island cruise.  Daryl had borrowed Hugos truck, so we piled in the back.  We headed downtown and picked up Jeff and his two friends Drew and Sam who were just in for the day, then made our way to the east side of the island.  We did the classic cantina run with a Mexican flair (back of truck) to Coconuts and then the Bob Marleys  bar.  We went by La Hatch to visit Ricky but we could not stay long as we needed to drop off Jeffs friends at the ferry dock.  The remaining five of us then went to Hugos restaurant for an amazing fajita dinner followed by another round of visiting Ricky.  Soon it was time for Jeff to catch his 9 pm ferry, so we drove back downtown, did some shopping, exchanged words with a bitter old shop keeper, ate some churros, and then we watched an artist make pictures from spay paint.  Soon it was time for thefinal adios as Jeff boarded the 9 pm ferry ending his two-day Cozumel experience.  We all called it an early night because we would be diving at 9 am  the next morning!




Biggest pig ever!


Twilight on the Malicon.








Feliz Navidad!!



Adios Jeff and happy Hanukkah!!