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Diving Paradise.

18 Dec



Another great day in paradise has passed us by.  Yesterday we were up early and down to the docks by 9 am.  We met our new friend Wilberth and he suited us up for the dive ahead.  We had a 20 min boat ride out to the world-famous Palancar dive site. The waves were big enough to provide a fun ride full of salt spray, good thing it was a sunny day!  Since it was our first time diving in a while we decided to dive on the Palancar Gardens, which is not as deep as some of the other Palancar sites.  We fell into the abyss of the ocean and floated with the current down to the gardens of coral.  The water was amazingly clear and warm (80 degrees F) and we could see a multitude of colors and textures covering the giant reef shelves.  We followed our dive master through numerous coral caves bursting with colour and past amazing animal life we have never seen.  We were able to see a small sea turtle, some giant grouper, a massive trunk fish, the biggest lobster I have ever seen and many more types of fish that were new to me.  The first dive lasted 45 minutes and I reached a maximum depth of 95 feet, fairly impressive for our first time diving on Cozumel.  We hit the beach and had a quick lunch of various fruits while we waited for our 1 hour interval to be over.  After feeding the fish with our left over papaya, we all got back on the boat and headed for the next dive site Cedar Pass.  This dive was not as deep, and was a whole different experience.  We drift dove with the current along a large plateau of corrals.  The animal life here was much more abundant and we were able to see the biggest sea turtle I have ever seen!  The pictures don’t do it justice, but it was twice as big as the turtle we seen at Punta Sur with Chantel and Paul!  There was a giant green moray eel with a body as thick as my leg, a nudibranch, a pipe fish, a cool tube like jelly fish, a sting ray,a few barracuda, grey and black nurse sharks, a massive grandpa parrot fish, giant angle fish bigger than a trucks steering wheel, schools of new species of fish I have never seen before, more lobsters, crabs, topless mermaids, etc.  It was unbelievable!  After 45 min at 55 feet of depth Liz was running out of air so I headed back to the surface with her.  Everyone else surfaced over the next 15 minutes and we swapped excited stories about what we had seen.  We headed back to the apartment and soon Tati and Chris (Daryl and Nakitas German friends) were calling us to hangout.  We had a good time socializing and swapping stories but soon it was time for El Moro.  After another great meal we considered calling a taxi but we waddled home instead. 

P.S.  Mandy and her boyfriend Scott will be joining us from Jan 5th to Jan 12th (the same day Dave arrives for a month) which will be super fun.  We are probably leaving this apartment at the end of this month so we can move into a house, so hopefully we have settled in by then and have a room ready for them!  We are looking forward to more good times with more friends!!

Diving pics provided by Daryl and Nakita (