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House/Scooter Hunting

20 Dec

It has been rainy but hot the last couple of days on the island.  We have been having fun and socializing in between hunting for a new place to live and a new mode of transportation.  We want to buy a used scooter as it will pay for itself with fuel mileage and savings on wear and tear on our car.  We are looking for a new place because they owners plan to jack up the rate for weekly renters to 400 USD-500 USD a week!  Even though our rent stays at 4800 peso  (370 CAD) a month we don’t want our friends to have to pay that.  Besides you can get a giant house with a pool near the beach for 1600-2000 a month.  We are looking for a house to rent so we can have people stay with us.  We looked all day at scooters and houses yesterday and we will look at more today.  There is one house that stands out from yesterday.  It is a fully furnished, 2 level, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house that is way bigger than our place in Edmonton and way closer to the beach than our current apartment.  It has secured parking, a kitchen larger than our whole apartment is now, a master bedroom that is even larger than that kitchen, a bathroom in every bedroom, a second floor balcony, a yard for the cats, etc, etc.  If we can’t find anything better we will be taking it and moving in at the end of the month.  With Christmas approaching fast, followed by New Years, and us moving out it should be a busy week ahead!


Hanging out at the Money Bar (It should be named the Old Cougar & Sleazy Jiggalo Bar)


Shopping for motos.