PADI Day #1

23 Dec

Day one of our PADI certification has wrapped up.  It was a fun day full of learning and adventuring.  We learned how to assemble and disassemble our equipment properly, as well as set up and enter for a shore dive.  Once in the water we did skill tests and a few short dives.  We were still able to see many species of fish and coral, even though we were concentrating on our diving skills. We were diving on a busy reef that was close to the shore, it was a small but colourful reef and it was cool to look up 35 feet and see all the boats and snorkelers.  That area of the island is known for its seahorse habitat so I hope we see one while diving there the next couple of days! We are naturals in the water and we both feel very confident with our dive skills and are looking forward to completing the next two days of the course.  It is exciting to think about all the cool dives we will be able to do once we are certified!  I am really looking forward to diving on shipwrecks (one of my life goals), drift diving in the Northern current with the giant eagle rays, and cenote diving with the crocodiles!

We spend the rest of the day relaxing because diving really tires you out.  In the evening Daryl and Nakita called us to give us the good news that they had found a house that suited their needs and they were able to rent it right away!  We all went out for dinner at a great burger place downtown and then went over to see their house.  It is a nice place in a nice neighbourhood, right next to Hugos restaurant and a quick walk from the beach.  It has the privacy they wanted and the facilities to handle their visiting family and friends.  Good for you guys!  We can’t wait for the house-warming parties!  Liz and I had to call it an early night so we could read our PADI books and prepare for the next day of instruction.  Right before bed we were able to video chat with Rob, Andrea, Dave, Wantita, Ash and Ember.  We were glad to see them and talk with them and we look forward to chatting with them again on Christmas!  If anyone wants to video chat with us we can do it for free if you have a Facebook account or an Apple device.  Just message us and we will find some time to do it.

Perfect day for a dive.


One Response to “PADI Day #1”

  1. Chantel December 23, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    Mom and Dad will be here by 6 to 6:30pm – FaceTime me when you are ready and I will set it up through Facebook

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