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PADI #2 & #3

24 Dec

We have finished our second and third day of PADI training.  We spent a few hours in the water each day practising skills and doing tests.  The work was hard but the scenery was beautiful so I could not complain.  We seen plenty of cool rays, a starfish, a huge puffer fish and more.  We are now done with the water part of are certification and we just have a couple more written exams to finish up next week.  We have learned a lot and we cannot wait to use our new-found skills on some more of the reefs around here.

Yesterday after swimming we had a busy day.  Daryl moved out of the apartment into his new place.  We helped him moved some stuff and went for a grand tour of the new place.  After that we helped out Ricky because he was getting ready to go to Mexico City for Christmas.  During this time we were searching all over for a good internet connection so that we could video phone our family for Christmas.  The internet at our apartment was down, we couldn’t get a good wireless signal at Hugo’s, Daryls house doesn’t have a hookup yet, the internet cafes we knew were closed, even Starbucks wi-fi wouldn’t work for us!  Rickys wi-fi hadn’t worked all day but that night we were able to find enough signal to talk to my parents at Chantel and Pauls place.  We are super glad the internet is back  at our apartment today so we don’t have to do that again! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A beautiful day for diving!


To the Beach!


Daryl and Nakitas new casa!


Daryl and Nakitas new address: 799 25 FROG.