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Christmas on the Beach!

26 Dec

Christmas for us was not a traditional holiday but it was one to remember.  It started like a usual Christmas morning  filled with mimosas,  Xmas chocolate and chatting with family.  After that the tradition stopped as we stepped out into the 34 degree weather and headed out to see some friends.  We loaded up the car with goodies and drove down the highway towards the beach on the East side of the island.  Once there the cool ocean breeze and the salt spray knocked down the air temperature by a few degrees but it was still a perfect day for a swim in the warm water of the Caribbean.  We met many friends and acquaintances  as this side of the island is popular with the locals for its nice beaches.  There were groups of people everywhere celebrating Christmas with picnics of great food and coolers full of good drinks.  After hanging out with Ruy and his friends we found Monstro and his family/friends down the beach.  After a round of hellos we hit the water for some body surfing.  The waves were perfect and we had a lot of fun as waves taller than us sweep us up and deposited us on the beach.  We sampled some local cuisine thanks to Monstro and friends.  Some tasty chicken, fish sandwiches, corn fungus pasta (tastes better than it sounds) were all local favourites that we got to try.  Soon the sun was setting and the sky was a bright christmas red, we packed up and headed back to town for a nice Christmas dinner.  We had heard that the old Primas location downtown had reopened with some of the old staff from Primas.  We ended the night with a nice Christmas dinner of filet minion flown in from Texas and seafood lasagna fished from the local waters. Possibly the best Christmas ever!

To the Beach!

Cruising on the Harley.


Celebrating a birthday, cake in the face style!

Trunk fish skeleton.

Hopefully the tide doesn't come in!

Body surfing!

Monstro going for the big breakers!

Go Monstro!