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1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!  We hope everyone had a good time last night! We had a long day of moving in and a long night of New Years festivities.  I have never seen people celebrate for the holidays as much as the people in Mexico do and New Years was no exception! Every family is outside their house socializing and heading to block parties or a get-together, most of which last until dawn! For us 2011 wrapped up with a fiesta at Nakita & Daryls.  It was an all night barbecue and feast made up of food that everyone had prepared and brought to the party.  The fridges and ice boxes were full of beer, liquor, and booze of all types.  The music played in competition with the other neighbourhood parties and  the city was alive with lights and fireworks. As the night went on a crowd of people quickly filled the back yard and pool area.  There were many people we knew and many we had just met and it turned out to be a great crowd.  Soon midnight was approaching so we all gathered in the front of the house.  We readied the champagne and fireworks were handed out, some being set up in the driveway.  Fireworks are technically illegal on Cozumel because of all the palapa style roofs so we were lucky to have the bag full.    We made sure to aim towards the most non-flammible part of the neighbourhood.  After the fireworks were exhausted and the champagne was poured Liz and I went up to the second floor to have a good look at the city.  There were celebrations on every block with fireworks going off everywhere in the city, it was very cool to see.  The party continued throughout the night and some people even went to the East side to watch the sun rise and sleep on the beach!  A quick drive for breakfast this morning reveled that most people are still sleeping due to the complete absence of cars on the road and the rows full of closed shops.  There is even a cruise ship in today (usually none on Sunday) but there was no one around,  I wonder what all those people are going to do for the day?

Something to make your mouth water. In the foreground: Taco Mexicana. In the background, Taco Pastor con queso. Far background: me drooling.


Mas cervesa?


BBQ Time!


Fireworks are fun!


What... all this champagne isn't just for me?


Daryl and Monstro had a surprise dip in the pool!


Alright, who brought the silly string!


A glimpse of a beautiful New Years Day from the balcony at Prima.