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3 Jan

The winds changed and the weather turned cold, a Norte has rolled in.  The temperature yesterday only reached 27 degrees celsius and dropped to the low 20’s during the night.  The cold wind is blowing hard from the North and the ocean is choppy and full of white caps, not good weather for swimming.  We have used the time to clean our new place and prepare for Mandy and Scott. They arrive the evening of the 5th so the week ahead should be a bunch of fun!  Hopefully the weather has changed for the better when they arrive. Ricky landed back on the island after a week in Mexico City.  Later that day got together to share some x-mas and new years stories, then we went for a good dinner.

We are enjoying our new home more everyday and our cats are too.  Kitty has discover the comfort of a hammock and now she likes to cuddle in them all the time.  Bill and Kitty feel right at home and are enjoying their new kingsize bed and balcony.  Even with all the room in this place they always seem to be in the same room we are. I included some pictures of our house below.

Kitty loves hammocks!