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A New Island Day!

7 Jan

Yesterday we started the morning by feeding our new found turtle friends.  We got some banana and headed outside.  The plate of water that we set out the night before was occupied by a swimming turtle.  I took him out of the water to make sure it was not stuck in the dish but he just climbed back in!  We took turns feeding the turtles some banana.  They loved eating the banana so much that we had to ration it out to each turtle so they would not over eat. 

Breakfast was at Primas where Scott and Mandy were introduced to Nakita and Daryl.  After our meal we went on the island cruise.  We showed them the town and the resorts then pulled into Bob Marleys.  After a few beers there we headed down to some nice open beach with a cooler and a beach blanket.  We played in the surf, ate some pollo asadas and had some happy pops, all thanks to Daryl and Nakita and there giant cooler.  The rest of the afternoon was spend at Coconuts until we realized the sun would set soon.  We all made the mad dash to La Hatch to catch the sunset.  We met up with Ricky and Charlie there and after some socializing we went for a well deserved dinner of pizza downtown.  When our bellies were full we walked around the square so Mandy and Scott could do some sightseeing and souvenir buying.  We ended the night watching videos back at our house.  We are all super tired from that crazy day of fun!

Turtle lounging in the pool.


Approaching maximum scooter velocity!


On the beach!

I think this sign was in Spanish.

Another great sunset.