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8 Jan

Yesterday started with a morning dive.  We loaded up the car with our new equipment, picked up Monstro and some air tanks, and went to the piers by Villablanca.  Mandy sun tanned and caught up on a book while Monstro gave Scott a refresher to his dive courses.  We headed out for a long shallow dive (30 ft) along the shore by the hatch.  We were able to see many fish, crustaceans, a poisonous rock fish and even a baby eagle ray!  The baby eagle ray was a rare sight and it was still very big compared to the other species of rays we had seen there.  After drying off we had an afternoon siesta/relaxation time, then later we went to El Moros!  Mandy and Scott were very impressed (we always are) and we ate until we were stuffed. We walked back home through some different neighbourhoods so Mandy and Scott could see more of the island.  Most houses are still turning their Christmas lights on so it was fun to see the different displays of decorated cactus and palms.

Scott diving.


The three of us underwater.


A sea-spider.


Rock Fish.


Spotted sting ray.




Eagle Ray!