Clima Más Cálido

9 Jan

Nicer weather moved onto the island yesterday, good timing for a day trip to Punta Sur.  The temperature climbed to the high 20`s as we finished our breakfast at Primas and packed up the car.  Once at the Punta Sur lookout tower we were greeted by two crocodiles sunbathing near the walkway.  We took some pictures of the crocodiles smiles and then hurried to catch the last boat tour of the day.  It was a quick tour compared to the last, sans tour guide.   I took on the roll of tour guide and tried to explain what I could remember about the lagoons and the animals that live there to the passengers.  We were able to see many blue and white Herons, Egrets, and Rosetta Spoonbills.  There were two more crocodiles to be found near the opening of the lagoon to the ocean, one with mouth opened wide ready for a random meal to walk by.  Once docked we walked to the beach to enjoy rest of the sunny day.   The water at the beach was unbelievably calm and the water clarity was perfect, it would have been a good day to snorkel or dive the Punta Sur reef.  We didn`t have our equipment so we played in the water while the tropical fish schooled around us.  After climbing the lighthouse and checking out the museum and ruins we drove back to town to meet some friends at the Money Bar.  The place was packed with people we knew and the live band was sounding really good. On our way home we stopped by the Burger Stand downtown and filled our bellies with good food.   It was a great end to a fun day!












































One Response to “Clima Más Cálido”

  1. Nicole January 9, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Love Piarate Liz! ha ha

    Still missing you guys and loving the pics…

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