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11 Jan

This week has been busy and full of fun times and good food.  Monday was a shopping day.  We went to the downtown square and Liz and I showed Mandy and Scott our favorite shops.  After a full day in the heat we stopped by El Piques for a good dinner.  Tuesday we started early at Primas and then went on a cantina tour.  “The Turtle” was our first stop.  We ate through rounds of delicious dishes ranging from ceviche to tacos.  We only had to buy a couple of drinks and they filled our tables with food.  We could barely pull ourselves off the chairs but we did make it to the next cantina, our favourite, “The Fish.”  We sampled a few more rounds of good food then when we could stuff ourselves no longer we called it an end to the cantina tour.  We hung out with our friends at our place and then had a nice dinner at La Herraterra.  We ate so much food yesterday that I am still full today!

One of our turtles out for a morning walk.


Xylophone trio at Wet Wendys.


Kitty approves of Mandy and Scotts new hammock.


Chilling at the water's edge by Prima.


The Turtle


The turtles all come out to play in the rain.