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The Eagle Ray has Landed.

12 Jan

Today we say goodbye to Mandy and Scott and hello to Dave and Wanita.  We will miss Mandy and Scott and we look forward to their possible  return!  Our week was a lot of fun and food, followed up by good siestas.  Yesterday was their last full day and we made it a good one.  We started the day with a walk to lunch at the “Pez”, a fish taco place.  We drove to the piers behind La Hatch and went for a swim while free diving.  There was a lot of fish to see and the weather was perfect for a dip in the ocean.  After going by La Hatch and visiting Daryl and Nakitas place we ended up at El Moro for the goodbye dinner.  We ordered the seafood platter to share and dessert was the flaming Mayan coffees with butter pecan ice cream.  After experiencing the best seafood of my life (seriously), it is added to the list of best mole, best beans, best coffee and best restaurant we have eaten at period.  In the evening we watched a live band while looking out over the ocean at the Love Bar.  This morning we said goodbye at the airport and wished them a good journey home.  Thanks for coming down Mandy and Scott! 

This morning I took the opportunity to dive on the North side of the island.  There are fast currents and the dives are really deep so Liz thought she would sit it out until she had a couple more dives.  We met Wilberth at the harbour just after 9:00 am and loaded the boat.  I have never went North while I was on a boat before so it was very interesting to see all the new scenery.  We got a close up look at mammoth cruise ships and a 40 million dollar yacht (has its own helicopter).  We arrived at the sight named Barracuda and plunged into the blue.  The current was not too extreme today but it would have been futile to fight it.  We drifted along the reef  like small airplanes until we found some coral we could hide behind to avoid the current (like a wind break).  Once stationary at about 90 feet we waited in anticipation until we were greeted with 10-12 massive eagle rays.  The spotted behemoths flapped their fins like wings and  some swam together as if they were birds in formation.  They were curious creatures who would glide around  us and it seemed as if sometimes they were making eye contact with me.  It was an amazing reef many schools of fish and numberous corals.  the next dive was shallower but had a much stronger current and a very diverse reef.  Once we sunk away from the surface I could see the ocean floor rushing below us, we hovered above the sea floor as the current took us down the reefs edge.  This was not a protected area so Wilberth brought his spear gun for fishing, he almost got a couple but ultimately came up empty-handed.  I was able to catch my first glance of  a Splendid Toad fish, and other highlights included a baby nurse shark and a massive crab.  The day has been hot and humid with  blue sky, the visibility was great and the water was calm, today couldn’t have been a better day for diving.

$40 million, and no attached submarine! What a rip off!