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Welcome Dave and Wanita.

14 Jan

Dave and Wanita arrived late on Thursday night after a long day of travel.  We introduced them to pastor at Los Noples and then moved them into our house.  Friday we had an island orientation, showing Dave and Wanita where things are in this new place.  We found sometime to swim on the beach and drop by a couple of our favorite places like Prima for breakfast, Coconuts for afternoon cocktails and then El Moro for dinner.  It was a warm and humid day capped off by some amazing nighttime showers.  A great start to Dave and Wanitas month-long trip to Mexico!

P.S.  Here are some pics from the eagle ray dive on Thursday morning.

Sunset at the docks.


Boats in the darkness.





Checking out the cenote.













Diving the Barracuda site.









Thanks for the great dive Wilberth!