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Diving Continued.

22 Jan

Today we say a happy birthday to Wanita!  We will be celebrating her birthday with a trip to Punta Sur and a nice dinner at Primas tonight.  It will be a nice wrap up to a week full of fun. 

Thursday the 19th , the day after our shore dive, we headed out to the west side for a relaxing day at the beach.  The waves were big and perfect for bogy boarding.  Hot weather and blue skys were the backdrop to our slice of paradise on the sand.  We played in the water and soaked up the sun, all of us returning with a darker shade of tan.  Later that day Liz, Daryl, Nakita and I went for a night dive.  It was our first night dive but it was at the same location as we dove the night before.  We entered the water off the Del-Mar pier as twilight settled around us.  The fish were all sleeping  along the rocks on the bottom and the creatures of the night had replaced their ever-present activity.  Bio-illumination glittered off our fins while calamari hovered around us like strange UFO’s and fluorescent color changing octopus lurked through the coral.  We found many puffer fish and eels as they were out hunting.  Lobsters, sea cucumbers and spiky sea urchins left their hiding places and were walking around like we could never witness in the day time.   We were down for an hour and surfaced out of the darkness at the Villablanca pier.  It was a great dive and an awesome experience!

The morning of Friday the 20th we woke early and headed down to the Caleta for a couple of boat dives.  We headed south on Wilberths boat and headed South to pick up a couple more divers.  The first dive was a series of swim-throughs on a massive coral wall.  The top of the reef was around 70 feet and the exits to the caves were around 90 feet.  We had a lot of fun and we found a lot of cool animals.  The second dive was more of a drift style dive due to the slightly increased current.  We flew over the corals and encountered many awesome sea creatures.  We were lucky enough to run into 3 large eagle rays (a first for Liz), and multiple turtles, along with the usual selection of amazing fish and coral!  Another great dive!

Dave and Wanita are getting settled and enjoying the weather.  We have been taking them to our favourite stores, restaurants and hangouts, and they have been out adventuring on their own as well.  It is nice to have family down here as it feels more like home.