Wanitas Birthday

23 Jan

We celebrated Wanitas birthday yesterday by going to Punta Sur and then Primas for dinner.  It was Sunday so we had Punta Sur mostly to ourselves.  The South end of the island missed all the rain that day (our place was soaked when we returned) so we had a nice blue sky and hot temperatures for our trip.  We showed Wanita and Dave the watch tower, the ruins, the lighthouse, the lighthouse museum, the crocodile pit and the beach.  They also went on a boat tour of the Columbia lagoon and Wanita climbed the lighthouse.  We had a lucky day and seen more wildlife than we had ever seen before at Punts Sur, many crocodiles, iguanas, fish,and over a dozen species of birds!  After a nice day on the beach we had a good chat with family back in Stettler.  Rob, Andrea, Ash and Ember all said happy birthday to Wanita over video chat and we learned we were missing 30 below weather and weird temperature swings back home. We wrapped up the evening at Primas for some good food and a fancy dinner. 



Turtle nesting grounds.




Rosetta Spoonbills.





Wheres Waldo but with crocodiles. Can you find them all?







Baby Boat Billed Herons.


White Pelicans.






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