Daves First Caribbean Dive

25 Jan

Tuesday was a hot day and perfect for Daves first dive.  Liz, Dave, Nakita, Daryl, Monstro and I all met in the morning, picked up our air and headed to the Villablanca pier.  Monstro gave dave a refresher and made him perform a skill test prior to going in the water as it has been almost thirty years since Daves last dive. We swam around the familiar site, making sure to check all the usual hangouts for wildlife.  Dave was very lucky on his first dive and had the pleasure of witnessing countless species of fish including a lion fish and a puffer fish, two sting rays, a baby eagle ray, a few eels and much more!  It was a great dive and Dave is ready for more, next stop for him is a boat dive.


Monstro, Dave, Liz & Tim.


Lion Fish


Puffer Fish


Trumpet Fish




2 Responses to “Daves First Caribbean Dive”

  1. The Beers January 25, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    Way to go Dad! Those are incredible pics!! It was great talking to you guys the other day. Glad you are having a good time, miss you all!

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