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San Gervasio

26 Jan

We decided to check out some Mayan ruins on Wednesday, so we packed up and headed out to San Gervasio.  The entrance is in the middle of the island, then it is a few more kilometers to the site.  Dave and Wanita have never seen ruins before so they enjoyed it.  All the ruins are connected by old Mayan era roads so by the end of the trip we had walked a few kilometers around the site.  It was a warm day and the humidity of the jungle drove the temperature up more.  There were lizards and butterflies everywhere, and bright-colored birds flew around us.  Near the end of our walk I caught a glimpse what looked like a small clearing in the jungle.  I stepped off the beaten path to do some exploring, and I found what looked like a rocky swath through the jungle.  After following a nearly grown over iguana trail through 100 meters of jungle I emerged at a un-excavated ruin site!  There was  no access to it besides the bushwhacking I just did and it was completely undisturbed!  The structure of two buildings were still visibly intact through the trees, shrubs, and vines that have grown out of the ruins.  After exploring them I realized there was an opening to a cenote right under one of the buildings!  The place was full of iguanas and I was able to see my first jungle snake slither away into the cenotes waters.  I climbed the building that is located directly above cenote and I found a chamber in the middle that is collapsed over but was clearly connected to the cenote below.  There were still distinguishable features like  alters for offerings near this opening and stairs on the one side.  It looked like the ruin could have been one huge temple or two that were located on either side of the natural cenote entrance.  I stood there on top of the one building while I took in the scenery and the eerie feeling of untold history that accompanied the abandoned site, then returned to our group.  The whole experience leaves me wondering how many more of these sites lay in wait throughout the jungles of Mexico, covered in plants and holding untold secrets. We wrapped up or time at the ruins with a visit to the shops then drove back for a nice lunch back in town.  A great adventure!










Dave in a Cave.































Emerging onto the un-excavated ruins.