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Happy Birthday Nakita!

28 Jan

Friday the 27th was Nakitas 25th birthday so I joined them for a couple of birthday dives.  We headed to Punta Sur to dive the famous Devils Throat, then our second dive was at Cedar Pass.  The Devils Throat is an advanced dive due to the depth so Liz sat this one out but I will make sure she comes next time!  We all descended at the same time to hit our target, a small opening in a big head of coral.  We swam down to the entrance at 80 feet and we were greeted by a turtle hanging on the coral wall beside the opening to Devils Throat. We swam past him and worked our way through the cave, it was exciting to see the big blue exits at the end as we made our way to 135 feet!  Nitrogen narcosis set in as I suddenly realized I was having a hard time reading my gauges.  I stopped for a second to grasp the awesomeness of floating on the side of a giant wall while fish and coral surround me.  I looked down as far as I could see and even with amazing visibility everything just disappeared into the blue after 200 feet or so.  We ascended through another series of caves and swim troughs and I only managed to get lost once on our way out.  After finding everyone again we all began our final ascent under poring rain.  I could here the rain on the surface from 100 feet down.  While we were doing our safety stop the rain dotted the surface like a golf ball and it was very interesting to watch rain from the other side of the water.  We came out of the dive to the calmest water we had ever seen on the ocean, the surface was like glass and we could clearly see the bottom.  A cool end to a fantastic dive.  After our surface interval we went to one of our favourites, Cedar Pass.  We drifted along and found many awesome corals and a variety of animals including a nurse shark, a green moray, a midnight blue parrot fish, and more.  After we got back town we all went on a Cantina tour for some beers and botanas to celebrate Nakitas birthday.  We went to Flamboyanes and Las Brisus, we had never been to either before.  With a bucket of six beer plus food for 90-100 peso who could argue!  We will be returning soon!

A Hog Fish changing its colours.


Grey Angel


A huge Midnight Blue Parrot Fish with a Grey Angel in the background.


Giant Grouper.




Nakita filming a Nurse Shark under the coral edge.


The Nurse Shark swimming away.


Outside the Cantina. The name "Flamboyanes" is the name of a drink. It doesn't really translate well....


Random Kitty shot!