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Just Another Week in Paradise!

27 Feb

Another week of good times and fun has come to an end.  With just two months remaining in paradise, the return to Canada seems more real than ever.  Dreading returning to the colder and drier climates we have been making the most out of our time.  We wrapped up Carnival this week on Fat Tuesday with a great party and a sad goodbye to our friends, Jackie, Jeff, Lennon and Raceen. Then we spent the rest of the week enjoying ourselves by relaxing, going for good food and diving.  After Carnival I had to swear off alcohol for a while, hopefully my liver will survive to see another Carnival!   We went on a couple of shore dives and a couple of boats dives since Tuesday, taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  It has been really hot here the last week as “spring” starts.  Everything is flowering, we have two new turtle eggs in the yard and the temperatures have soared to the high 30’s when you factor in the humidex!  Just another week in Paradise!

Eric showing off for the ladies.











This float Monstro and friends built from 100% recycled materials.



Marching in the parade.


All the floats are lined up to enter the parade route.





Monstros float was a dragon with moving parts, including legs that walked and a bobbing head. Powered by people and made from garbage and recycled materials this float has zero environmental impact!


More Sponge Bob just for Chantel!


Even a broken leg wont keep people from the parade!


"No Mames," exclaimed Hugo!











Me Gusta Fiestas!


The entrance to the new harbor. Notice the guy snorkeling in the sediment pool checking to make sure none of it gets out for the safety of the coral reefs.


On the way to dive the "Devils Throat"


Wilberth is giving the "Devils Throat" hand signal as we prepare to enter the mouth of the cave already at 80 feet of depth.


After swimming from the mouth and straight down through the throat we catch a glimpse of the exit. A deep blue hole at 140 feet under, staring out into the abyss of the open ocean.




Can you spot the lion fish?


A large Barracuda was waiting for us at the exit of a cave.


Ascending to our safety stop.


Which way is up again?


Blowing air rings is much better for your health than smoke rings. Only slightly less addictive though...


This guy was waiting for us as we descended on Columbia Shallows.


We were lucky to spot this tiny juvenile Drum Fish.












A Trumpet Fish hiding among the corals.


Those little white spotted things eating the coral are called Flamingo Tongues.


Can you see the Rock Fish?





More Flamingo Tongues.








Just incase you get lost.











We were lucky to see a large Eagle Ray as the season for them has passed.






J.P., Catherine, Liz and I celebrating a couple great dives!


The giant orange Iguanas that live near the entrance of the harbour always mark the end of a great day diving



Carnival 2012

20 Feb

 This week comes to an end with Carnival!  It has been a great week with friends and now the party has started.  Lennon and Raccen’s wedding was beautiful and meeting their family and friends has been great.  There were many adventures  this week but there have been a couple mis-haps including missed flights and scooter accidents, but  all in all everybody is alive and most have had the time of their lives.

Lennon and Raceen tied the knot under a beautiful sunset on a nice beach.  It was a great ceremony and the island came through with amazing weather.  We all gathered for the wedding, a dinner and some fun.  Many people were there dressed in their island best but that didn’t stop some wedding shenanigans like crazy dances and throwing the groom in the swimming pool!   We had a great meal and many buckets of beer in celebration for the newly weds, it was a great time!

We have been keeping busy with friends and diving.  We said goodbye to Cathrine and J.P. as they have left the island for a five-day motorcycle trip to all the Yucatans Mayan ruins.  We went to rides downtown that have been set up all week for Carnival and had fun on bumper cars and the rollercoaster with some friends. We held a big mango/pool party for our turtles and our kitties, the pictures are below. We also have been shore diving twice this week and we finally found the airplane wreck on the second dive.  It is a good workout to get to it while you swim against the current but there are many sponges and coral formations along the way.  There is a lot of life to see along the reef and at the plane including eels, rays, puffer fish, trigger fish and dozens of parrot fish including a midnight blue parrot that always hangs around the same coral.  Liz and I are on dive 19 and 23 respectively, we just got P.A.D.I. certified at the end of December so we hope to have over 40 by the time we leave!

Carnival is in full swing and we have been downtown every night for the parades and festivals.  The night is alive with colour and music as everyone parties into the early morning. We have been spending our nights hanging out with friends at the “Blue Zone” (Ricky’s beer tent), watching the parades and nightly entertainment, playing carnival games and riding the rides while enjoying great Mexican food and music. Coming up on Tuesday is the parade we can all join in, everyone is getting their costumes ready for the event!



Turtle Party!






























































































































My favorite float, Giant Pastor!

















"The Blue Zone"






Island Invasion

14 Feb

The population of the island swelled over the last few days due to the influx of Canadians for Lennon and Raccenes wedding.  Jeff has made it back for eleven days and Jackie is with him this time!  All together there are over 50 people who have arrived in the last couple of days!  We have been spending our time having fun and making friends, and we would like to say hola to all who are joining us!

We continued our new exercise routine by doing another shore dive Saturday morning.  It was a fun dive along a familiar reef and we were able to enjoy the water before the rough weather rolled in during the afternoon. Later that day we said goodbye to Daryls parents for now, as they will be back soon for some more Mexican fun later in the year.   Mezcalitos West was finally open so we had dinner and drinks there on Saturday night.

Sunday the 12th was a day for us to relax and get ready for our boat dives on Monday morning.  We hung out with J.P. and Catherine, our new friends from Quebec, went to Primas and played a game of basketball in the courts next to their apartment.  We spent some time relaxing and enjoying the view from the roof of their apartment building, a bonus due to the fact they live in the upper apartment next to the roof access.  Later on we met many of our friends at the Love Bar for the “Love Fest.”  There were a few live bands and fire dancing so the place was packed.  Once we had worked up an appetite we headed to the Burger House downtown for the best burgers in the universe!  Jeff, Jackie, and Nakita joined Liz and I for the midnight snack. 

Monday was a lot of fun starting off with the two boat dives with Lennon, Raccene, Nakita, Daryl, Liz and I.  We went to Columbia for the first and then we dove Cedar Pass for the second.  Besides some technical difficulties for Lennon we had great dives and saw a lot including many sea turtles grazing on sea grass, giant lobsters out for a stroll and a nurse shark in his cave.  After the dives we met up with Hugo, Pepe, Ricky, Jeff, Jackie, Nakita, and Daryl at the Copa Cabana.  We had a great time and Jeff, Jackie and Nakita hit the dance floor with some lucky locals. Later the party moved to Daryls place and the shenanigans continued into the night.  We had a great time!

P.S.  We finally got those pics of dave diving so here they are.

Liz, Tim and Dave









































JP, Catherine, Liz y Yo arriba!





Love Bar











Total Gridlock!


Jackie, Jeff, Nakita and I.


Liz, Ricky, Pepe and Hugo.


Jeffs dance moves are irresistible to all the ladys!



















Adios Amigos

11 Feb

After a four-week vacation from Canada, Dave and Wanita have left for home.  They caught their flight North on Wednesday morning and we can guess that they are already back to their Canadian routine.  Many of our friends have asked about Dave and when he will return, he has made as much of an impression on Mexico as Mexican living did on him.  We also hope to see you back on the island!

Dave and Wanitas last few days were spent ramming in as much island time as they could.  There were many drives to new places and various trips to the beach.  We were able to drive to the North side of the island to show them the raccoons as well as catch a couple sunsets at La Hach.  We ate at all of our favourites restaurants and cantinas including The Fish for lunch and El Moro for a goodbye dinner.  Pancho, Nakita, Daryl, and his parents joined us for their last supper on the night of the 7th. 

After Dave and Wanita left we have been spending our time getting back into our routine.  We got the house and our lives in order and started seeing more of our friends.  We have been swimming everyday and went for an hour-long shore dive yesterday morning for exercise.  We are looking forward to meeting Daryl and Nakitas guests as they now are having non-stop visitors for the next while.  We also have a couple of boat dives booked for next week and soon will be the opening of our friend Hugo’s new cantina the Mezcalitos West. 

Northern island road.


Fun in the Sun

7 Feb
 As Dave and Wanitas last week approaches we have been busy with many fun activities. Over the last few days we have enjoyed many different things in Cozumel from relaxing on the beach to going to a wrestling match and an air show.Thursday the 2nd Liz and I took it easy while Dave and Wanita went to Discover Mexico, a museum/attraction which explains the history of the Mayan and the Mexican people. We took the opportunity to relax and visit some of our friends since it has been hard to find time to “hangout” with them because visitors have been here for the last five weeks.

Last Friday (February 3rd) was the night that professional Mexican wrestling came to town. The tickets sold out fast and the place was crowded even though it rained throughout the night. There were matches between the big name wrestlers, women wrestlers, and midget wrestlers, all being filmed for national T.V.! It was an amazing spectacle of acrobatics, costumes and overacting, coupled with a high energy crowd and good food and beer. They had tag-team matches and even triple tag-team matches but my favourite was the tag match between two woman/midget wrestling teams. Folding chairs were turned into twisted metal over the backs of the wrestlers, tables were smashed with power bombs off the top rope, referees were abused, wrestlers left the ring to pick a fight with the crowd, and all while the spectators chanted various insults or cheers in Spanish usually directed at the wrestlers mothers. Many of our friends where there and we all had an amazing time! Too bad it only comes here once a year!

After working off the late night of wrestling we stirred out of bed Saturday and headed for the beach. Dave and Wanita crammed in as much fun and sun as they could, knowing that their days in paradise were numbered. We cruised around the island some more and took a small tour of El Cidrel, a small village that is located South of San Miguel. We wrapped up the day by watching the sun set and the cruise ships leave while drinking margaritas at La Hach. Later that night we went to El Moros for another amazing meal with the best service on the island. We love El Moro!

Sunday we awoke early, packed up the car and drove to the Southern airstrip. We arrived early but there were already many people there and the highway was filling up fast with parked cars. Inside the airport grounds they had many attractions including planes and helicopters you could go inside of, a car and motor cycle show, a military tent filled with all their gear including grenade launchers, M4’s, M80’s, mortars, night vision goggles, camo, etc. Groups of planes did aerobatics right above the crowds (only in Mexico), bi-planes and stunt planes did smoky loops and barrel rolls just meters over the heads of the spectators, and the military did a exercise on the run way. The military exercise was amazing. A flare was dropped on the runway, and out of nowhere a giant marine helicopter flew in full of soldiers. Over a dozen soldiers descended from the helicopter on ropes and secured the area, then they moved forward onto a faux house that had been set up. They set off a stun grenade and exchanged fully auto gunfire (with blanks), then stormed the house and arrested the suspects. Afterwards they landed the helicopter right next to the crowd and everyone could go check it out and get pictures with the military. Later they raced a new Ferrari against a stunt plane up and down the strip, the plane was sideways and just a meter or two off the ground the whole time! It was a great day under a hot sun, and there were so many people there I could have sworn the entire island showed up.



Turtles love Mango.

Bill loves Turtles.


Ready to wrestle!


Weekly Update.

1 Feb

The last few days following Nakitas birthday have been a continuation of fun and good times.  Janurary 28th was the wedding of our friends Anita and Matt.  Many of our friends were there as well as people from all over the world.  it was a beautiful wedding on a day with perfect tropical temperatures.  They had rented a facility outside of town that was an amazing venue for the event and a beautiful back drop for the festivities. We made new friends and partied into the night, thanks again Anita and Matt!

Wanita decided to try snorkeling on the 29th so once we had recovered from the night before we went to the beach just North of the Love Bar.  It was Sunday so the beach was packed with all the locals and their family having fun. Wanita and Dave snorkeled in the shallows and I went out further to free-dive among the corals and sponges.  I found a spotted eel, some lobster, lion fish, and many others all while diving without air.  I found an underwater vent and it was surrounded by hundreds of fish as the water vented out from the fissure. It was a good day of rest on the beach and it was needed for the long day ahead of us.

January 30th was an amazing day spent at Xcaret, a gift for my Birthday from Dave and Wanita.  We all got up early and Caught the 7 am passenger ferry to Playa Del Carmen.  The seas were rough but the skys parted shortly after arriving on the mainland.  The park was great and it was so big that it would take a couple of days to do it all.  We set out to do the most we could and  covered over 90% of the park making sure to do the things that were important to us.  Between the butterfly gardens, multiple animal exhibits, Mayan Ruins, aquariums, beaches, restaurants, under ground rivers and caves, cultural exhibits, and amazing entertainment we had a full day.  The entertainment was great and went so late we got home at 11:30 pm after catching the last ferry to the island.

We had a great time on my birthday (January 31) with a lot of our friends on another cantina tour.  We started off at The Fish, then after stopping by our house for more beers and fun, we ended up at the Copa Cabana on 65th.  We had rounds of beer and botanas until we could take no more.  It was a good time, thanks to all my friends here and the good food and drink of Mexico.

This morning we took Dave on his first boat dive.  We dove on Chakanaab reef and Paradise reef, both great reefs but with a beginners depth range of 30-40 feet.  It was another beautiful dive and Dave was a natural in the water.  We had a lot of fun and Wilberth took a lot of photos which I will upload when I get them.

Nakita taking Kiteboarding lessons.


Black Vulture


Matt and Anitas wedding.


Dave and Wanita snorkeling.


Best combo store ever! Look out Tim Ho's/ Wendys, these guys have the munchies on their side!

Chubby Chiwawa.