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1 Feb

The last few days following Nakitas birthday have been a continuation of fun and good times.  Janurary 28th was the wedding of our friends Anita and Matt.  Many of our friends were there as well as people from all over the world.  it was a beautiful wedding on a day with perfect tropical temperatures.  They had rented a facility outside of town that was an amazing venue for the event and a beautiful back drop for the festivities. We made new friends and partied into the night, thanks again Anita and Matt!

Wanita decided to try snorkeling on the 29th so once we had recovered from the night before we went to the beach just North of the Love Bar.  It was Sunday so the beach was packed with all the locals and their family having fun. Wanita and Dave snorkeled in the shallows and I went out further to free-dive among the corals and sponges.  I found a spotted eel, some lobster, lion fish, and many others all while diving without air.  I found an underwater vent and it was surrounded by hundreds of fish as the water vented out from the fissure. It was a good day of rest on the beach and it was needed for the long day ahead of us.

January 30th was an amazing day spent at Xcaret, a gift for my Birthday from Dave and Wanita.  We all got up early and Caught the 7 am passenger ferry to Playa Del Carmen.  The seas were rough but the skys parted shortly after arriving on the mainland.  The park was great and it was so big that it would take a couple of days to do it all.  We set out to do the most we could and  covered over 90% of the park making sure to do the things that were important to us.  Between the butterfly gardens, multiple animal exhibits, Mayan Ruins, aquariums, beaches, restaurants, under ground rivers and caves, cultural exhibits, and amazing entertainment we had a full day.  The entertainment was great and went so late we got home at 11:30 pm after catching the last ferry to the island.

We had a great time on my birthday (January 31) with a lot of our friends on another cantina tour.  We started off at The Fish, then after stopping by our house for more beers and fun, we ended up at the Copa Cabana on 65th.  We had rounds of beer and botanas until we could take no more.  It was a good time, thanks to all my friends here and the good food and drink of Mexico.

This morning we took Dave on his first boat dive.  We dove on Chakanaab reef and Paradise reef, both great reefs but with a beginners depth range of 30-40 feet.  It was another beautiful dive and Dave was a natural in the water.  We had a lot of fun and Wilberth took a lot of photos which I will upload when I get them.

Nakita taking Kiteboarding lessons.


Black Vulture


Matt and Anitas wedding.


Dave and Wanita snorkeling.


Best combo store ever! Look out Tim Ho's/ Wendys, these guys have the munchies on their side!

Chubby Chiwawa.