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Fun in the Sun

7 Feb
 As Dave and Wanitas last week approaches we have been busy with many fun activities. Over the last few days we have enjoyed many different things in Cozumel from relaxing on the beach to going to a wrestling match and an air show.Thursday the 2nd Liz and I took it easy while Dave and Wanita went to Discover Mexico, a museum/attraction which explains the history of the Mayan and the Mexican people. We took the opportunity to relax and visit some of our friends since it has been hard to find time to “hangout” with them because visitors have been here for the last five weeks.

Last Friday (February 3rd) was the night that professional Mexican wrestling came to town. The tickets sold out fast and the place was crowded even though it rained throughout the night. There were matches between the big name wrestlers, women wrestlers, and midget wrestlers, all being filmed for national T.V.! It was an amazing spectacle of acrobatics, costumes and overacting, coupled with a high energy crowd and good food and beer. They had tag-team matches and even triple tag-team matches but my favourite was the tag match between two woman/midget wrestling teams. Folding chairs were turned into twisted metal over the backs of the wrestlers, tables were smashed with power bombs off the top rope, referees were abused, wrestlers left the ring to pick a fight with the crowd, and all while the spectators chanted various insults or cheers in Spanish usually directed at the wrestlers mothers. Many of our friends where there and we all had an amazing time! Too bad it only comes here once a year!

After working off the late night of wrestling we stirred out of bed Saturday and headed for the beach. Dave and Wanita crammed in as much fun and sun as they could, knowing that their days in paradise were numbered. We cruised around the island some more and took a small tour of El Cidrel, a small village that is located South of San Miguel. We wrapped up the day by watching the sun set and the cruise ships leave while drinking margaritas at La Hach. Later that night we went to El Moros for another amazing meal with the best service on the island. We love El Moro!

Sunday we awoke early, packed up the car and drove to the Southern airstrip. We arrived early but there were already many people there and the highway was filling up fast with parked cars. Inside the airport grounds they had many attractions including planes and helicopters you could go inside of, a car and motor cycle show, a military tent filled with all their gear including grenade launchers, M4’s, M80’s, mortars, night vision goggles, camo, etc. Groups of planes did aerobatics right above the crowds (only in Mexico), bi-planes and stunt planes did smoky loops and barrel rolls just meters over the heads of the spectators, and the military did a exercise on the run way. The military exercise was amazing. A flare was dropped on the runway, and out of nowhere a giant marine helicopter flew in full of soldiers. Over a dozen soldiers descended from the helicopter on ropes and secured the area, then they moved forward onto a faux house that had been set up. They set off a stun grenade and exchanged fully auto gunfire (with blanks), then stormed the house and arrested the suspects. Afterwards they landed the helicopter right next to the crowd and everyone could go check it out and get pictures with the military. Later they raced a new Ferrari against a stunt plane up and down the strip, the plane was sideways and just a meter or two off the ground the whole time! It was a great day under a hot sun, and there were so many people there I could have sworn the entire island showed up.



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