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Island Invasion

14 Feb

The population of the island swelled over the last few days due to the influx of Canadians for Lennon and Raccenes wedding.  Jeff has made it back for eleven days and Jackie is with him this time!  All together there are over 50 people who have arrived in the last couple of days!  We have been spending our time having fun and making friends, and we would like to say hola to all who are joining us!

We continued our new exercise routine by doing another shore dive Saturday morning.  It was a fun dive along a familiar reef and we were able to enjoy the water before the rough weather rolled in during the afternoon. Later that day we said goodbye to Daryls parents for now, as they will be back soon for some more Mexican fun later in the year.   Mezcalitos West was finally open so we had dinner and drinks there on Saturday night.

Sunday the 12th was a day for us to relax and get ready for our boat dives on Monday morning.  We hung out with J.P. and Catherine, our new friends from Quebec, went to Primas and played a game of basketball in the courts next to their apartment.  We spent some time relaxing and enjoying the view from the roof of their apartment building, a bonus due to the fact they live in the upper apartment next to the roof access.  Later on we met many of our friends at the Love Bar for the “Love Fest.”  There were a few live bands and fire dancing so the place was packed.  Once we had worked up an appetite we headed to the Burger House downtown for the best burgers in the universe!  Jeff, Jackie, and Nakita joined Liz and I for the midnight snack. 

Monday was a lot of fun starting off with the two boat dives with Lennon, Raccene, Nakita, Daryl, Liz and I.  We went to Columbia for the first and then we dove Cedar Pass for the second.  Besides some technical difficulties for Lennon we had great dives and saw a lot including many sea turtles grazing on sea grass, giant lobsters out for a stroll and a nurse shark in his cave.  After the dives we met up with Hugo, Pepe, Ricky, Jeff, Jackie, Nakita, and Daryl at the Copa Cabana.  We had a great time and Jeff, Jackie and Nakita hit the dance floor with some lucky locals. Later the party moved to Daryls place and the shenanigans continued into the night.  We had a great time!

P.S.  We finally got those pics of dave diving so here they are.

Liz, Tim and Dave









































JP, Catherine, Liz y Yo arriba!





Love Bar











Total Gridlock!


Jackie, Jeff, Nakita and I.


Liz, Ricky, Pepe and Hugo.


Jeffs dance moves are irresistible to all the ladys!