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Carnival 2012

20 Feb

 This week comes to an end with Carnival!  It has been a great week with friends and now the party has started.  Lennon and Raccen’s wedding was beautiful and meeting their family and friends has been great.  There were many adventures  this week but there have been a couple mis-haps including missed flights and scooter accidents, but  all in all everybody is alive and most have had the time of their lives.

Lennon and Raceen tied the knot under a beautiful sunset on a nice beach.  It was a great ceremony and the island came through with amazing weather.  We all gathered for the wedding, a dinner and some fun.  Many people were there dressed in their island best but that didn’t stop some wedding shenanigans like crazy dances and throwing the groom in the swimming pool!   We had a great meal and many buckets of beer in celebration for the newly weds, it was a great time!

We have been keeping busy with friends and diving.  We said goodbye to Cathrine and J.P. as they have left the island for a five-day motorcycle trip to all the Yucatans Mayan ruins.  We went to rides downtown that have been set up all week for Carnival and had fun on bumper cars and the rollercoaster with some friends. We held a big mango/pool party for our turtles and our kitties, the pictures are below. We also have been shore diving twice this week and we finally found the airplane wreck on the second dive.  It is a good workout to get to it while you swim against the current but there are many sponges and coral formations along the way.  There is a lot of life to see along the reef and at the plane including eels, rays, puffer fish, trigger fish and dozens of parrot fish including a midnight blue parrot that always hangs around the same coral.  Liz and I are on dive 19 and 23 respectively, we just got P.A.D.I. certified at the end of December so we hope to have over 40 by the time we leave!

Carnival is in full swing and we have been downtown every night for the parades and festivals.  The night is alive with colour and music as everyone parties into the early morning. We have been spending our nights hanging out with friends at the “Blue Zone” (Ricky’s beer tent), watching the parades and nightly entertainment, playing carnival games and riding the rides while enjoying great Mexican food and music. Coming up on Tuesday is the parade we can all join in, everyone is getting their costumes ready for the event!



Turtle Party!






























































































































My favorite float, Giant Pastor!

















"The Blue Zone"