Just Another Week in Paradise!

27 Feb

Another week of good times and fun has come to an end.  With just two months remaining in paradise, the return to Canada seems more real than ever.  Dreading returning to the colder and drier climates we have been making the most out of our time.  We wrapped up Carnival this week on Fat Tuesday with a great party and a sad goodbye to our friends, Jackie, Jeff, Lennon and Raceen. Then we spent the rest of the week enjoying ourselves by relaxing, going for good food and diving.  After Carnival I had to swear off alcohol for a while, hopefully my liver will survive to see another Carnival!   We went on a couple of shore dives and a couple of boats dives since Tuesday, taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  It has been really hot here the last week as “spring” starts.  Everything is flowering, we have two new turtle eggs in the yard and the temperatures have soared to the high 30’s when you factor in the humidex!  Just another week in Paradise!

Eric showing off for the ladies.











This float Monstro and friends built from 100% recycled materials.



Marching in the parade.


All the floats are lined up to enter the parade route.





Monstros float was a dragon with moving parts, including legs that walked and a bobbing head. Powered by people and made from garbage and recycled materials this float has zero environmental impact!


More Sponge Bob just for Chantel!


Even a broken leg wont keep people from the parade!


"No Mames," exclaimed Hugo!











Me Gusta Fiestas!


The entrance to the new harbor. Notice the guy snorkeling in the sediment pool checking to make sure none of it gets out for the safety of the coral reefs.


On the way to dive the "Devils Throat"


Wilberth is giving the "Devils Throat" hand signal as we prepare to enter the mouth of the cave already at 80 feet of depth.


After swimming from the mouth and straight down through the throat we catch a glimpse of the exit. A deep blue hole at 140 feet under, staring out into the abyss of the open ocean.




Can you spot the lion fish?


A large Barracuda was waiting for us at the exit of a cave.


Ascending to our safety stop.


Which way is up again?


Blowing air rings is much better for your health than smoke rings. Only slightly less addictive though...


This guy was waiting for us as we descended on Columbia Shallows.


We were lucky to spot this tiny juvenile Drum Fish.












A Trumpet Fish hiding among the corals.


Those little white spotted things eating the coral are called Flamingo Tongues.


Can you see the Rock Fish?





More Flamingo Tongues.








Just incase you get lost.











We were lucky to see a large Eagle Ray as the season for them has passed.






J.P., Catherine, Liz and I celebrating a couple great dives!


The giant orange Iguanas that live near the entrance of the harbour always mark the end of a great day diving


One Response to “Just Another Week in Paradise!”

  1. Nicole February 27, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    Man I wish we couldve made it up however doesnt look like we will be able too! Cannot wait to see you guys and hear your stories in person!

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