Hasta Luego Amigos!

23 Mar

It has been a bit quiet the last couple days.  Daryl and Nakita are back in Canada, and probably already back at work.  We had lots of great times their last week here including going to the ruins, a few great dives, fun at cantinas, and goodbye parties. 

On the 17th, we went with Wilberth, Nakita and Daryl on  two boat dives.  It would be there last two dives from a boat so we decided to do reef that we had not yet done.  The first dive was on San Francisco Wall.  The wall starts at around 50 feet of depth, and carries on over 1000 feet to the bottom of the ocean.  We followed Wilberth down, and went to a max depth of 150 feet!  The currents have been a bit odd the last few days which led to cold water from the deep to come into shallower water.  The current changed during the dive, so we ascended a bit and drifted with the current.  It worked out great because we saw some really cool things we would have otherwise missed.  There was a rare sea cucumber that rolls (slowly) away if it feels threatened.  Also we saw another Flying Gunard!  We were lucky this time Daryl and Nakita were able to get pictures and video.  The second dive we went to Yucab Reef.  When descending, we could see the point in the water where the cold and warm water mixes.  The water here is normally about 79F, but on this dive it was a frigid 75F.  Might not sound like a huge difference, but when your deep under water it is like a wall of ice!  The reef loves the cold currents that carry nutrients to them and both reefs were bursting with life.  We still were able to see lobster, eel, lion fish and a splendid toadfish as well as hundreds of various other species.  For Nakita and Daryls last dive, we did a shore dive off of Del Mar and went to the plane wreck.  There is lots of fish life, and since it is spawning season there are little fish everywhere.

Daryl, Nakita, Larry, Charlotte, Tim and I all went to the San Gervasio Ruins one day.  It was hot, and always seems to be hotter in the jungle.  We got a tour guide this trip, and while they don’t take you to all the ruins, they are full of great information.  After the tour was over Tim, Nakita, Daryl and I walked out to the large ruin in the back.  We went back to the area Tim had found on our first trip there to look around.  We took some pictures, and headed for a beer to cool off.

On the 20th everyone got together at El Piques for the going away party.  Lots of people made it out and we all ate, drank and had a great time!  After we headed back to our place for a few more drinks.  It was a great night with friends!  The next day, we made it to Primas for breakfast before dropping Daryl and Nakita off at the ferry.  See you guys in Edmonton soon!


Spiky Sea-Cucumber.




Flying Gurnard.







Splendid Toadfish.




Two Whitespotted Filefish. They look different because they are male and female. Always traveling in pairs, they feed on sponges and stinging corals.




This Scrawled Filefish has dots and dashes of bright blue colour that stay constant while the rest can change to blend with the environment. These can be up to 3 feet long.




A large Midnight Parrot fish like all parrot fish is an efficient recycling machine. Their beaks turn coral and rock into fine sand as they graze the algae from them.




Whats left of the airplane wreck sits upside-down in 25-35 feet of water. The structure is home to many fish, sponges and corals. A favourite shore dive for us we have been here a total of 9 times.




Nakita and Tim at the giant anchor.










A Yellow Stingray hiding under a formation of Mustard Hill Coral.

2 Responses to “Hasta Luego Amigos!”

  1. Daryl March 23, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    Miss you guys !

  2. Nicole April 1, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    Great pics. It will be nice to have a drink and hear in person all your adventures. Today Justin and I celebrate 6 years together! Having breakfast and having a couch day is yucky outside) so going to enjoy some movies & cuddle time.

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